38 Famous Cricketers Nicknames That You Never Heard Of

Cricketers are loved by fans and sometimes referred by a nickname due to some reason. These 38 famous cricketers nickname are very famous with their fans and cricketing world. They are many times informally addressed by these names.

I will tell you who was ODI revolutionist, Pigeon, Smudge, father of cricket, Pup or Mad Max.

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Famous Cricketers Nicknames and Reason

1. Sherry – Navjot Singh Sidhu– Sherry is wine, and someone once gave it to Navjot Sidhu’s father. As a result, his father named him Sherry.

2. Wall- Rahul Dravid– He was named as wall as he batted like wall and saved matches when India needed most. He is also called Jammy by teammates and fans.

3. Mr. Cricket- Michael Hussey– This all started in England when Hussey was playing County Cricket. He was in action against Lancashire alongside former England captain Andrew Flintoff and fellow countryman Brad Hogg. After watching Hussey playing in the extreme weather conditions without caring about the weather which was cold and wet, Flintoff remarked that he had never seen anyone who loved cricket more than Hussey and dubbed him “Mr. Cricket.” When Brad Hogg returned to Australia, he spread the name among his teammates, and the rest is history.

4. 360 Degree/ Mr. 360 -AB de Villiers– As he posses the ability to hit shots around the 360 degrees of field.

5. Haryana Hurricane-Kapil Dev– Was from Haryana and one of the real fast bowler for India who made an impression in international cricket.

6. Universal boss-Chris Gayle– Christopher Henry Gayle, widely regarded as one of the most celebrated cricketers of all time, continues to perform admirably. He is the highest run-scorer in T20.

7. White lightening-Allan Donald– Because he was lightening fast and used to apply a zinc cream on his nose on lips which looked white. This was the reason why Allan Donald was called while lightening.

8. Mad Max- Glenn Maxwell– For his hitting ability from ball 1, and once he starts hitting, then it is hard to stop him. He plays almost all kinds of short, which any batsmen would not try even in the dream. He even sometimes plays reverse sweep from the bill one and has often succeeded in hitting maximum with the sweep shot.

9. ODI revolutionist- Arjuna Ranatunga – He changed how ODIs are played, especially in the 1996 World cup. No one expected Sri Lanka to win the world cup. He reformed the team, and Sri Lanka started the trend of attack in the first 15 overs.

10. Little Master- Sunil Gavaskar/ Sachin Tendulkar – both are seen as batting greats and short in height. That is why they were name little masters.

11. Pigeon- Glenn McGrath – New South Wales teammate Brad McNamara named him Pigeon after seeing his lean legs.

12. Punter- Ricky Ponting– Ricky Ponting used to bet on dog race in early 1990s and that’s is why Shane Warne named him Punter. In Australian language Punter means someone who bets on horse or dogs race.

13. Captain cool-Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Being cool on the field he has been named as Captain Club.

14. Jumbo- Anil Kumble– During a match Navjot Singh Sidhu called him Jumbo Jet as a ball bowled by him took off, later the jet was dropped and was only named as Jumbo.

15. Prince of Trinidad- Brian Lara– Brian Lara is considered as one of the best batsman of all time and is from Trinidad. In his early days he was named Prince of Trinidad.

16. Dada / God of offside-Sourav Ganguly– In Bengali Dada means elder brother and Sourav Ganguly was a Bengali. He had a superb hitting ability in off-side and that is why he was named God of offside.

17. The Don-Bradman – The Don of cricket, both it was short form of his name and he was Don of cricket.

18. Hitman-Rohit Sharma– Due to his ability to hit sixes at ease and to any bowler. He is also the only batsman in history to score 3 double centuries in ODIs.

19. Swing king- Wasim Akram– Akram was one of the bowler who could swing the ball at will and that was why called swing king.

20. Pup- Michael Clarke– He was the youngest of the 11 when he joined the Australian cricket team. Pup means little in Australian dictionary. it is short form of puppy.

21. Potato / Aloo- Injamam Ul Haq ( It was only reffered by Indian fans/ not refrred in cricketing circle)

22. Turbunator- Harbhajan Singh– He was named after the 2001 Australia- India series where he took 30+ wickets in the series.

23. Rawalpindi Express- Shoib Akhtar– Regarded as the fastest bowler of the history and he belonged to Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

24. Sunny- Sunil Gavaskar – This was the short form of his name.

25. Father of Cricket-WG Grace

26. Freddy- Andrew Flintoff– He was named so by John Stanworth, the captain of Lancashire’s second XI because his name was similar to Fred Flinstone, a cartoon character of the sitcom The Flintstones.

27. Gabbar- Shikhar Dhawan – In a domestic match when two batsmen were batting for hours, Sikhar Dhawan went near them and recited the famous dialogue of Gabbar from Sholay “Bahut yarana lagta hai,” and everyone burst into laughter. Then on his teammates started calling him Gabbar.

28. Smudge-Steve Smith

29. Cheeku- Virat Kohli -His childhood friends called him Cheeku due to his hair like a cartoon character.

30. Gilly- Adam Gilchrist

31 Slinga-Lasith Malinga – Due to his slinging and unusual bowling action Lasith Malinga has been named as Slinga.

32 Whispering Death-Michael Holding – Due to his sheer pace and the ability to bowl bouncers.

33 Nawab of Najafgarh-Virendra Sehwag – He used to live in Najafgarh and after scoring his first triple century people started calling him Nawab of Najafgarh.

34 Big Bird-Joe Garner

35 Chef- Mathew Hayden – He is a qualified chef and even has written a book regarding recipes and cooking.

36 Binga-Brett lee– He has chain of electronics showroom called Binga Lee.

37 Sultan of swing- Wasim Akram

38 Boom Boom– Sahidi Afridi

Wrapping Up Famous Cricketers Nickname

These were some famous cricketers and their nicknames, you can comment below if you want to make any addition. Or if you have any question can comment below.