Peru hit by 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Peru, causing buildings to shake in a dramatic video. The epicentre of the quake, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), is about 28 miles north of Barranca. It was at a depth of 80 kilometres, according to the report. During the quake, the footage …

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Know Who was Marko Grilc who died in Mishap

Marko Grilc

Marko Grilc was an improvisational snowboarder. He was born on July 7, 1983, and at the time of his death, he was 38 years. He was X Games Medalist, Air&Style Winner, WorldCup Winner, 4 times Junior World Champ. He was married and has a son and a daughter. His son …

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In their doodle, Google honours musician Edmond Dédé

Edmond Dédé

This Saturday, November 20, the doodle honours classical musician and Creole composer Edmond Dédé. Google has just adorned its home page with a new doodle, as is customary when highlighting a famous person or a historical milestone. Lyne Lucien, an American Illustration Award-winning Haitian artist based in Brooklyn (New York), …

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