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This Celebrity Blog and biographical website has been published for all the movies and sports lovers and to put forward the facts and figures without partiality and motivation. We just put facts. We cover facts and interesting trvias from movies, sports, and entertainment.

Our special focus is on Entertainment and Sports world.

If you want to write posts or articles for this News Website, then write to – anuragmohapatramec@gmail.com. Your post should be enough proof to back your facts and figures.

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Hi, I am Anurag Mohapatra and I am the Co-Author of this News website. I have done my engineering in Mechanical and have represented my district at state level Cricket completion. I love movies and music also. Reading news is my biggest hobby as most of the time I spend on the internet reading different News and especially about Sports, Movies, and entertainment.

I belong to the Capital city of Odisha, and that is Bhubaneswar. I love reading, and that is what I do when on the internet. I have done different kinds of jobs in my professional career and finally settled in this as it brings new challenges every day and lets me learn new things. So I am a teacher and a student at the same time, there are very few professions which let you do this.

The Co-Author

Hi, I am Shrabanee Swagatika and I am the Co-Author of this News website. I have done my engineering in Computer Science and I used to work in a media house. I used to handle the technical news section. I am a Tech freak and loves to learn about new technology, gadgets, and software.

As an Indian cricket and Nollywood is in our blood. So I also contribute to Movie and Entertainment news.

We started this news website to utilize our experience and passion for Movies, Entertainment, and Cricket.

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