19 College Life Bollywood Movies That Will Remind You Of College Days

College days are the best days, these College life Bollywood movies will remind you of your college days, and for some time, you will feel that you are still in college. These are one of the best movies in Bollywood about college days and the fun related to them.

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Best College Life Bollywood Movies

1.RHTDM (Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein)

The movie RHTDM starts with two rivals in Engineering college and their intense rivalry. With Reena, Maddy falls in love at first sight. He learns from her friend Shruti that she is to marry an NRI named Rajiv. Maddy imports Rajiv and woes Reena with the help of his buddies, and the two fall in love. When the genuine Rajiv shows up, Reena is taken aback by the fact that Maddy was acting as his impersonator. When Rajiv and Maddy finally meet, Maddy understands that Rajiv is a college rival, and the war escalates.

2.Ishq Vishk

College days with childhood friends. This early 2000 movie focus on the college life of three middle-class students who are also childhood friends. Rajiv Mathur chooses to go conditionally steady with Payal, his childhood friend so that he can go on an outing where only couples are accepted. Payal accepts and agrees to accompany him. He becomes inebriated during the outing and attempts to molest her, prompting her to dump him. Rajiv then puts on his charms on another beauty, the stunning Alisha Sahay, despite being slighted but not beaten.

3.Main Hoon Na

A army man goes to college as a student to safe guard daughter of the Army head. The movie is filled with college life fun.

When India and Pakistan agree to halt their hostilities, one Indian army officer will be disappointed because his son was killed in the Indo-Pak war. He decides to initiate terror strikes in order to put an end to the peace, and he shoots and gravelly injures an Indian army officer in the process. Following the killing of this officer, Raghavan decides to eliminate the army officer’s daughter, Sanjana, who is a hostel student. Raghavan and his crew storm the dormitory and kidnap over a hundred pupils.

4.Tere Naam

The protagonist played by Salman Khan is a college pass out student but still goes to college as he has the dominance there. He gets involved in fights every now and then. But he falls in love with a girl who initially fears him due his reputation but she mustered courage once and denies him. He then tries his level best to get the love of his life. The college life bollywood movies focuses on a love story and the relationship between college friends.

5.3 Idiots

Three students get into a prestigious Engineering college and eventually becomes best friends. Their college life sees ups and downs, but their friendship remains strong. After 10 years, they get to reunite with each other due to an old challenge. The movie is based on Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling book, ” Five Point Someone: What Not To Do at IIT “. This movie is surely one of the best college life Bollywood movies.


Bantu and Chantu are two close friends and fellow students at a Bombay-based Arts and Science College. Both are up to good practical jokes and pranks, including defrauding their college classmates. Both show that they are willing to do everything for money and a comfortable living. Both decide to marry wealthy girls, Rani and Sheena, in order to maintain their easy and luxurious lifestyles.

They steal the identities of two females, Rose and Reshma Chowdhury, disguise themselves as females, enrol in a girls’ hostel, and begin their romance with their future spouses. However, fate has other intentions for these two friends, as the women they are mimicking were murdered just one day after they adopted their identities. With their plans shattered, the unlucky duo must now figure out how to get out of this problem before the cops catch up to them. With almost all newcomers director produced one of the best college life Bollywood movies made in early 2000.

The songs of the movie and especially Excuse Me was a superhit among the youths in 2001.

7.Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai

Karan, who struggles in school but excels in music and fun, is often at odds with his father, but his life changes when he meets the lady of his dreams. He is more into college life and fun with friends.

He follows her everywhere he sees her, but one day he went out of town to find her but was unsuccessful. Later, his father dispatches him to another city, but his car breaks down, and he accepts a lift from the same girl, Pooja. During the trip, a truck smashes the automobiles, causing them to crash into a valley. Karan and Pooja are on the edge of the cliff, but after saving Pooja, his hands slip, and he falls. Pooja learns it was her fault that Karan died after regaining consciousness and hunts for his body, which is discovered by a guy and transferred to a hospital. After being reunited with his family, he sets out to find Pooja. She is the one that locates him first, and the two begin a friendship.


Michael, Arjun , and Lallan are three young guys in Kolkata, each with their own set of values and goals. Michael is a college student and an ambitious youth leader who envisions a new India built by the young power. Arjun is a self-centered, opportunistic, easygoing individual whose goal is to immigrate to a developed country and make a lot of money. Lallan is a goon who works for the unethical politician Prosenjit Chatterjee . Following a murder attempt and an accident in broad daylight on the Hooghly bridge, the lives of these three distinct people become connected.

9.Phool Aur Kante

It was Ajay Devgn debut movie and was directed by his father who was one of the most high paying Action director of 90s.

Ajay is a college student who excels in his studies and has many nice friends in college. The film begins with a typical day at college. Nageshwar is a drug lord, and Ajay is his only child. While Nageshwar wishes for Ajay to carry on his legacy by succeeding him. When Ajay’s child, Gopal, is kidnapped by a rival gang led by Shankar Dhanraj, Ajay and his wife Pooja are compelled to reshape their fates by following Nageshwar’s orders.

10.Jaane Tu…ya jaane na

The movie marked debut of Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan.

The plot revolves around Jai Singh Rathore and Aditi Wadia, two friends who are so close that the Wadias wish to marry them. However, they disagree and resolve to look for soul partners for each other. Jai meets Meghna with the help of Aditi, and the two fall in love. Jai is presented to her parents, who approve of him as well. Aditi is subsequently introduced to Sushant Modi, who is immediately taken with her, even by her reclusive brother, Amit. Mala is anticipating the finale with bated breath as the story unfolds with numerous twists and turns.

11.Rang De Basanti

Sue travels to India to film a documentary about Indian revolutionaries. Her buddy Sonia assists her by introducing her to her friends Karan, Aslam, Sukhi, and their head DJ who have completed their college but still stays in college. When Sonia’s fiance, Lt Ajay Rathod, is in town, he also joins the gang. Their group is often in conflict with a political member named Laxman, who opposes their western culture.

Sue decides to cast DJ and his friends in her film after many auditions. She also casts Laxman in a part, effectively putting a stop to his conflict with the gang. Everything is going swimmingly until Ajay is killed in a plane crash but manages to save everyone on board. The state minister claims that Ajay died as a result of his own carelessness. DJ and his pals refuse to accept the humiliation inflicted on Ajay by the minister and begin to fight for justice. Where things will go awry as a result of political games

12.Dil Dosti etc.

Sanjay Mishra and Apurv, two Delhi-based fellow-collegians-cum-hostellers, dare each other to win the University elections and sleep with three different girls before the results are announced. While Sanjay canvasses his candidacy against his opponents, Rajesh Solanki and Bunty Nagaar, frequently with violence, careless Apurv takes on Vaishali, a prostitute; Kintu, a charming and adorable high school student; and is on the lookout for a third female. Will Apurv be able to find a third female in time, and will Sanjay establish a name for himself as President of the Delhi University Students’ Union?

13.Wake up Sid

Sid Mehra is an arrogant, spoilt brat in Mumbai, according to his father. He lives with a devoted mother, an obedient sibling, and a father who pays his bills and credit card debts. Sid finishes his college finals before starting employment at his father’s company; he lasts less than a week before quitting. At a graduation party, he meets Aisha, who has recently arrived from Calcutta and is determined to become a writer. He shows her around the city and assists her in renovating a leased apartment. He asks if she wants to go from friend to something more, but she declines because he lacks ambition and isn’t her type.

14.Student of the Year

Dean Yoginder Vashisht, a retired professor, is dangerously ill. A group of students from his final year at St. Theresa’s College rush to his side. In flashbacks, they all recall incidents from their past, including the dean, and how the “Student of the Year” competition affected who they were, how they linked, and what they’ve become. The film depicts these children’ school lives.


Students of a college must win an inter-college competition with an Australian college to save their college from being demolished by property builders. The principal selects students who are good friends. This is one of the best modern-day College Life Bollywood Movies.

16.Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar

The annual bike race is the most important sporting event in the school town of Nainital. Schools and colleges in this area range from those for spoiled rich students like Rajput and Xavier’s to local ones like Model for impoverished youngsters. For the previous two years, the bike race has been won by Rajput College’s arrogant Shekhar Malhotra. Sanju and Ratan are brothers who attend Model High School and own a tiny local diner.

Their father is passionate with seeing Ratan win the cycling championship. Ratan, on the other hand, is the ideal son and elder brother to Sanju, excelling in everything he attempts and finishing second to Shekhar in the bicycle race. Sunju, on the other hand, is a prankster who enjoys life with his buddies, one of them is Anjali, who secretly loves him.

Sanju, on the other hand, focuses his attention on Devika, the new girl on the block, and convinces her that he is wealthy. Instead, he spends the money his father has requested him to deposit in the bank on a beautiful necklace for Devika. When his father discovers the truth, he throws Sanju out of the house.

When Devika discovers that Sanju is from Model and destitute, she quits him and turns her attention to Shekhar at the annual college dance competition. Anjali is a silent pillar of support for Sanju throughout. To keep Ratan out of the race, Shekhar and his companions injure and nearly kill him.

Watch the movie to find out what happens next. This is one of the best school or college Life Bollywood Movies.

17.2 States

This movies is an adoption of the Chetan Bhagat’s book 2 States.

Krish Malhotra and Ananya Swaminathan, a culturally contrasting couple, embark on a romantic journey. They meet in the IIM-Ahmedabad College and fall in love during the program. When the training concludes and they plan to marry, complications arise. Krish and Ananya are from different parts of India. Krish, a pure Punjabi youngster from North India, and Ananya, a Tamilian Brahmin from Chennai. They make a deliberate decision; they will not marry until their parents agree. When the parents meet, everything goes south. There is a cultural conflict, and the parents are opposed to the wedding. The pair confronts a difficult battle to turn their love story into a love marriage.

Though the first half is about college life and second part include their struggle for marriage but still it is a very entertaining college day movie.

18.Dil Chahata Hai

Akash, Sameer, and Siddharth are three young guys who are good friends and are in college. Their interests and personalities, however, are entirely mismatched. So, when Siddharth falls in love with a much older lady, Tara, a lady who has been unsuccessful in keeping her marriage intact as well as an alcoholic, widens the divide between the three, leading them to separate ways. Years later, the trio will be re-united, much more mature and understanding, but will they still accept Siddharth’s feelings for Tara?


The film stars Sushant Singh Rajput, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Sharma, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Naveen Polishetty, Tushar Pandey, and Saharsh Kumar Shukla in lead roles and Shishir Sharma and Mohammad Samad in supporting roles, tells the story of Aniruddha Pathak, a middle-aged divorcee whose son Raghav attempts suicide for not finding a place in IIT. But he survives, though he is in critical condition. Aniruddha is now joined by his five friends who tell Raghav their college life story where his father was also a loser to muster courage from the story.

Wrapping Up

So these are our handpicked 18 college life Bollywood movies that you will love to watch and will certainly remind you of your college days. You can also read the best-underrated Bollywood movies you should watch.

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