Sumnima Udas wiki, age, height, weight, and profession

Sumnima Udaas is known as one of the most fierce critics of India and reports on India’s economic, sociological, ecological, and political sectors; learn about her age, husband, and biography. She supported Nepal’s new map that was published in 2020 and said that it should have been done decades ago.

Sumnima Udas
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Sumnima Udas Biography

NameSumnima Udas
Date of birthNot Known
Age35-40 years
Father NameBhim Udas
Mother NameNot Known
SiblingNot Known
Marital StatusMarried on 03.05.2022
Husband NameNima Martin Sherpa
EducationBachelor’s degree in journalism

Sumnima is a former CNN correspondent located in Delhi. According to her LinkedIn profile, she covered politics, economics, social issues, and the environment for CNN from 2001 to 2017. In addition, she is the founder and executive director of The Lumbini Museum.

Bhim Udas, her father, was a former ambassador to Myanmar. “We invited Rahul Gandhi to Sumnima’s wedding,” he told PTI. The wedding will take place on Tuesday, and the reception will take place on Thursday.”

Sumnima Udas wiki, age, height, weight, and profession 2

Sumnima Udas’ coverage was closely tied to the 2014 Indian general election, with her becoming excessive with constant attacks on the country after the BJP took control.

Sumnima Udas Biography, Age, Father, Husband, Wedding, Instagram, Net Worth, and News

She was recently seen with Rahul Gandhi in Nepal, where he was photographed parting ways with the Chinese Ambassador in the nation where he had been to attend Sumnina’s wedding.

Sumnina is noted for her communist ideology, even promoting a fictitious map of India with sections of the country inside Nepal. She has pushed a slew of propaganda against India throughout the years, demeaning the country and ridiculing Hindus and their customs.

She is slated to marry former CNN correspondent Nima Martin Sherpa on May 3, 2022, with a celebration on May 5 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Bhim.

Sumnima Udas
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Sumnima has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Lee University and a master’s degree from Oxford University. Bhim Udas, Sumnima’s father, was a previous Nepali envoy to Myanmar. While her precise age is unknown, she is thought to be between the ages of 30 and 40.

Sumnima Udas has also documented high-profile incidents, bringing the issue of rape to the forefront. Sumnima relocated to Malaysia, where she reported on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Sumnima conducted interviews with the crews and passengers’ families. She enquired about Nepal’s kidney trafficking trade for its Freedom project documentary, The Organ Trail of Nepal, which aired on CNN.

In the year 2012, she reported a group rape in the city of New Delhi. Udas had been in command with the Untold Stories Documentary to get the CNN case of Nirbhaya known as The Fearless One. It was about how she had struggled her entire life, as well as the hardship of a gang rape victim.

Udas has also reported on various forms of prejudice that have transformed and harmed women’s life, such as female foeticide, sexual assault victims, and domestic violence.

Sumnima Udas was named Best Journalist of the Year by the then-congress government at the Women’s Prize’s Empowerment Journalism celebrity of the year 2014. Udas once highlighted all of her troubles as a result of those reporting on sex problems.

She received the Cine Golden Eagle Award for the year 2012. She eventually became a part of CNN’s Freedom Project, an endeavour to combat modern-day slavery and human trafficking. She made CNN Talk Asia a huge hit, earning her the CNN Best Asian Television Award.

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