Remembering Utpal Dutt On His 93rd Birth Anniversary, the actor whose acting still brings a smile to our face

Utpal Dutt is a big name in Bengali theater and cinema; even after 29 years, he has passed away. He did most comic roles in his long list of Hindi films, but in Amitabh Bachchan’s first film Saat Hindustani he was also a Hindustani or a lead actor.

Utpal Dutt
Remembering Utpal Dutt On His 93rd Birth Anniversary, the actor whose acting still brings a smile to our face 1

Born on 9th March 1929 in Barisal, British India (Now in Bangladesh) to  Girijaranjan Dutta. He did his initial studies at St. Edment school, Shillong, and matriculation from St. Xaviers Collegiate School, Kolkata. He completed his graduation from St. Xaviers College, Calcutta University.

He was interested in stage drama from his school days and formed a theatre group called Little Theatre Group in 1949.

Before entirely immersing itself in highly political and radical theatre, this group enacted several English, Shakespearean, and Brecht pieces during a time now known as the “Epic Theatre” period.

His group played, such as Kallol (1965), Manusher Adhikar, Louha Manob (1964), Tiner Toloar, and Maha-Bidroha, were an effective medium for the presentation of his Marxist views.

Utpal Dutt in Movies

He started his movie career with the Bengali movie Michael Madhusudhan released in 1950 directed by Madhu Bose and was based on Bengali poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt.

Bhuban Shome was one of the major works of Indian Parallel Cinema in the 1970s. The movie had Utpal Dutt in the main role and was directed by Mrinal Sen. He received the National Award for Best Actor in the year 1970 for his performance in this film.

From 1969 to 1979 he appeared in many Hindi and Bengali movies like Bombay Talkie, Guddi, Ek Adhuri Kahani, Mere Jeevan Saathi, Sabse Bada Sukh, Amanush, Julie, etc.

But in Hindi cinema, he got a lot of prestige and work from Gol Maal directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Hrishikesh Mukherjee made neither art films nor commercial formula pictures.

In contrast to Utpal Dutt’s image in Golmaal, Bhavani Shankar’s role as one such character was related to the days. From Hero Amol Palekar to Dina Pathak, all the actors’ comedic performances are an example even today. But Utpal Dutt was so hilarious, remaining serious, and he received the Best Comedian Filmfare Award.

How “Achha” was spoken, even if today someone copies it, the audience understands that he is copying Utpal Dutt. In Hindi films, he would have been given lighthearted roles then. Who would have thought that this actor of the entertainment world started his career in English theater? One of the reasons for this was that Utpal Dutt graduated with English as the main subject.

India’s famous English theater artist, Geoffrey Kendall, was so impressed that he included Dutt in his group. From 1947 to 1953, Utpal Dutt was his companion wherever he did his plays in India.

In 1958 daughter of Geoffery Kendal, Jenifer Kendall got married to Sashi Kapoor. But Utpal Dutt should not be identified by any such reference but by his contribution to theater and films.

If you see him in the role of Bhavani Shankar, a bizarre courtesan in Golmaal, then it seems that in real life, he will be the same and in Shaukeen, the stingers who keep a single account of the money seemed equally natural.

His comic timing would hardly have been used by any other director more than Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Like Golmaal, his partner in “Naram Garam” was also Amol Palekar, and for “Naram Garam”, he received the Filmfare Award for Best Comedian. Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Rang Birangi also gained the Filmfare Award for Best Comedian once again for Utpal Dutt.

Along with such a prize, he met the most important Hindi cinema criteria: the Box office. Not only did Utpal Dutt prove himself to be the best in a comedy role whenever he was cast in negative roles, but he also did the villain roles with equal ease.

He also acted in the 1990s detective serial Byomkesh Bakshi( in Episode No-3, Seemant Heera).

Utpal Dutt Marriage and Children

He got married to Shobha Sen, a Bengali theatre and film actress, in 1960. And the couple has a daughter named Dr. Bishnupriya Dutt, currently employed in JNU, Delhi.

On August 19th,1993, Utpal Dutt died due to a heart attack.

Utpal Dutt Movies and TV shows

Sl NoMovie NameYear
1Michael Madhusudhan 1950
2Vidyasagar 1950
3Vikram Urvashi 1954
4Rani Rasmani 1955
5Subhalagna 1956
6Harano Sur 1957
7Saptapadi 1961 
8Rakta Palash 1962
9Shesh Anka 1963
10Surya Sikha 1963
11Momer Alo 1964
12Shakespeare-Wallah 1965
13Chowringhee 1968
14The Guru 1969
15Bhuvan Shome 1969
16Saat Hindustani 1969
17Bombay Talkie 1970
18Kalankita Nayak 1970
19Calcutta 71 1971
20Guddi 1971
21Khunjey Berai 1971
22Ek Adhuri Kahani 1972
23Mere Jeevan Saathi 1972
24Sabse Bada Sukh 1972
25Honeymoon 1973
26Marjina Abdulla 1973
27Shriman Prithviraj 1973
28Asati 1974
29Chorus 1974
30Mr. Romeo 1974
31Jukti, Takko Aar Gappo 1974
32Thagini 1974
33Amanush 1975
34Julie 1975
35Anari 1975
36Palanka 1975
37Jana Aranya 1976
38Datta 1976
39Do Anjaane 1976
40Santan 1976
41Sei Chokh 1976
42Shaque 1976
43Kotwal Saab 1977
44Yehi Hai Zindagi 1977
45Immaan Dharam 1977
46Anand Ashram 1977
47Anurodh 1977
48Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye 1977
49Farishta Ya Qatil 1977
50Kissa Kursi Ka 1977
51Priyatama 1977
52Swami 1977
53Atithee 1978
54Striker 1978
55Safed Haathi 1978
56Dhanraj Tamang 1978
57Joi Baba Felunath 1978
58Toote Khilone 1978
59Kartavya 1979
60Gol Maal 1979
61The Great Gambler 1979
62Jhor 1979
63Prem Vivah 1979
64Agreement 1980
65Hirak Rajar Deshe 1980
66Paka Dekha 1980
67Apne Paraye 1980
68Ram Balram 1980
69Agni Pareeksha 1981
70Naram Garam 1981
71Barsaat Ki Ek Raat 1981
72Chaalchitra 1981
73Meghmukti 1981
74Subarna Golak 1981
75Shaukeen 1981
76Baisakhi Megh 1981
77Rajbadhu 1982
78Raaste Pyar Ke 1982
79Hamari Bahu Alka 1982
80Angoor 1982
81Achha Bura 1983
82Rang Birangi 1983
83Duti Pata 1983
84Kissi Se Na Kehna 1983
85Pasand Apni Apni 1983
86Shubh Kaamna 1983
87Love Marriage 1984
88John Jani Janardhan 1984
89Lakhon Ki Baat 1984
90Inquilaab 1984
91Paar 1984
92Yeh Desh 1984
93Saaheb 1985
94Harishchandra Shaibya 1985
95Mera Damad 1985
96Aar Paar 1985
97Anyay Abichar 1985
98Ulta Seedha 1985
99Aap Ke Saath 1986
100Baat Ban Jaye 1986
101Kirayadar 1986
102Main Balwan 1986
103Pathbhola 1986
104Sadaa Suhagan 1986
105Kissa Kathmandu Ka 1986–1987
106Pyar Ke Kabil 1987
107Aaj Ka Robin Hood 1987
108Asha o Bhalobasha 1988
109Mahaveera 1988
110La Nuit Bengali 1988
111Bahurani 1989
112Jawani Zindabad 1990
113Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai 1990
114Agantuk 1991
115Jaan Pechaan 1991
116Path-o-Prasad 1991
117Byomkesh Bakshi 1993
118Padma Nadir Majhi 1993
119Misti Madhur 1993
120Ajana Path 1994
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