Remembering Actor Jagdeep On His 83rd Birth Anniversary

Today is the 83rd birthday of Jagdeep, a great actor and comedian of the Hindi film world. It has been 2 years since Jagdeep ji has passed, yet even today people remember him whenever they watch any of his films. Jagdeep ji, who is also called by many as Surma Bhopali, has demonstrated his art in many films.

Remembering Actor Jagdeep On His 83rd Birth Anniversary 1

Jagdeep shares his birthday with another great artist of Hindi film Utpal Dutt. Although Jagdeep was 10 years younger than Utpal Dutt.

Full Name Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafri
Date of Birth March 29, 1939 (Wednesday)
Place of Birth Datia, Madhya Pradesh, Central Provinces, British India
Father’s Name Syed Yawar Hussain Jafri
Mother Name Kaneez Haider
Wife (Husband) / Spouse Naseem Begum, Sughra Begum and Nazima
Children Hussain Jaffrey (from first wife), Javed Jaffrey (Actor, Dancer, Comedian; from second wife), Naved Jaffrey (Actor, TV Judge; from second wife)
Daughters Shakira Shafi (from first wife), Suraiya Jafri (from first wife), Muskaan (from third wife)
Profession Actor, Comedian
Debut As a Child Artist (Afsana (1951), Do Bigha Zameen (1954, as Comedian), Bhabhi (1957, Lead Actor)
Date of Death July 8, 2020
Death of Death Mumbai
Age (at the time of death) 81 years

He was mostly known for his comedic roles. Fans remember her catchphrase from the Sholay film “Mera Naam Soorma Bhopali Ais Hi Nahi Hain.” He is also remembered for his performance as Salman Khan’s father Bankelal in the comedy film Andaz Apna Apna.

In a career spanning six decades, the comic icon last appeared in over 400 films in the tradition of senior Johnnie Walker and Mehmood, and Jagdeep played many memorable roles that will be remembered forever.

Jagdeep Childhood and personal life

On March 29, 1939 (Wednesday), he was born in Datia, Madhya Pradesh, Central Provinces, British India. Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafri was his real name or full name. Syed Yawar Hussain Jafri was his father, and Kaneez Haider was his mother. He had three marriages.

His first wife was Naseem Begum, with whom he had a son, Hussain Jaffrey, and two daughters, Suraiya Jaffrey and Shakira Shafi. He later married Sughra Begum, with whom he has two sons, Javed and Naved Jaffrey.

He later married Nazima, with whom he has a daughter named Muskaf Jafri. When he was five years old, he lost his father. In his first film, Afsana, he played the role of a young artist.

Jagdeep’s acting and comedy career

He began his film career as a child artist in 1951 with the film “Afsana,” and went on to star in films produced by B. R. Chopra. This was his first feature-length film as a director. For Jagdeep as a child, the story was one of the rags-to-riches, with his family fortunes plummeting after his father’s death and splitting.

In one of her interviews, she described how her mother, who had previously been accustomed to servants and other luxuries, raised her while working as a cook in an orphanage. Jagdeep has always wanted to help his mother, and when he was six or seven years old, he worked on the sets of “Afsana.”

He was spotted on Mumbai’s streets. The fee for the role was fixed at three rupees, but it was doubled when the actor faced a dialogue.

Javed Jaffrey, Jagdeep’s son, stated in an interview that “When my father was looking for work after Partition, he was a child. When asked if he wanted to work in films, he replied that he had no choice. Any type of job is required.” As a child actor, I was cast in a film. He was fated to work in the industry; it was just a matter of timing.

Following the success of Afsana, she was cast in films with major or minor roles in Ab Tak Doli Nahi, K A Abbas’ Munna, and Hum Panchi Ek Dal Ke. The year 1957 was a watershed moment in Jagdeep’s career. He appeared in the children’s film Hum Punchhi Ek Dal Ke, for which he and other actors were honored by India’s Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

He began his career as a comedian with Bimal Roy’s Do Bigha Zameen, and was later followed by Kishore Bahrainian (1968), Jaene Ki Raah (1969), Darpan (1970), Gora Aur Kaala (1972), Ankh Micholi. (1972), Insaniyat (1974), Jaggu (1975), Chal Murari Hero Banne (1977), and many more. He played the hero in a few films, including Nanda and Barkha with Bhabhi.

He also appeared in Bimal Roy’s first film, Aasman, Bhaisahab, Dhek Ki Malmal, and Dhobi Doctor. In the film Shiva, he played a young Dilip Kumar. He also played a villain in the films Ek Masoom and Mandir-Masjid.

His most well-known comedy role is that of Soorma Bhopali in the film Sholay. In the film “Humra Naam Soorma Bhopali Aisne Nahi Hai,” .

Jagdeep’s comic timing, big smile, unique voice, and facial expressions as a comedian made his presence in films mandatory. Jagdeep, as a comedian, knew how to make people laugh with his performances. He appeared in over 400 films. He is also well-known for his roles in a number of horror films, most notably those directed by the Ramsay Brothers.

Reunion Se Pyaas Baitho Tabiyat Bahl Jayegi, Pyaar Kaun Karega from the same film, Bhabhi from the superhit film, Aa Gaye Yaaro Jaane Ke Se Chal Re Paan and Chal Chali Re Patang are some of her hit songs. Phir Wohhi Raat

As a director, Jagdeep

He also directed the film Soorma Bhopali, which was purely entertaining.

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