Wahoo!! Superman has turned bisexual

Superman has turned bisexual. That is, he is now attracted to and capable of loving both women and men. He is more aware of current issues. DC Comics, the company that publishes Superman comic books, has stated that Superman is no longer only attracted to women, but also to men.

John Kent, the son of the original Superman Clark Kent and journalist Lewis Lane, is a bisexual superhero in the new DC Comics universe. Young Joan Kent is seen kissing a journalist, Jay Nakamura, in the new comic book ‘Superman: Son of Kal-El,’ which will be released on November 9. According to writer Tom Taylor, it is not a gimmick.

Taylor conducted this interview in Melbourne on October 11th.

Superman has turned bisexual

The 11th of October is designated as ‘National Coming Out Day,’ which allows people to express their sexual orientation. “When I took this job, I thought we’d miss out on creating another straight guard if we couldn’t find a new Superman for the DC Universe,” New Age hero Taylor explained. Read-Kangana Ranaut and Shah Rukh Khan Cold War.

He stated that we did not want a gay Superman to be incarnated by DC Comics. Taylor stated, “We want Superman to find himself, transform into Superman, and then express himself. And I believe there is a significant difference.” He stated that his new creation is generally receiving positive feedback. Taylor stated, “I’ve seen tweets from people who said they burst into tears when they heard the news.Feroz Khan: His Afghanistan Connection and banned By Pakistan

He expressed his wish that Superman had been like this when he was younger so that he could see himself in him.” People, according to Taylor, are able to see themselves in Superman for the first time, something they could never have imagined before.

Superman is aware. Not only is the new Superman aware of sex, but also of a slew of other issues. He also considers climate change and refugees. Taylor claims, “He’s every bit as powerful as you’d expect. He’s faster than luck, and he’s capable of lifting us all. He’s a new hero, still finding his way and fighting the forces that shape him.” His father did not engage in combat.

Taylor hopes that it won’t be a big deal in a few years. He claims, “Hopefully, it won’t be trending on Twitter in a few years. Hopefully, it will only represent the goodness that exists within each of us.” Joan Kent’s fifth comic will appear in this issue. In July, he released his first comic, in which he fought a wildfire caused by climate change. He has since saved people from high school shootings and spoken out against refugee displacement.

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