Kangana Ranaut and Shah Rukh Khan Cold War

Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood actress, recently criticized superstar Shah Rukh Khan while commenting on the Aryan Khan issue.

Because of her forthright opinions on the subject, the actress has been generating headlines since the beginning. Meanwhile, he has commented on it once more. Kangana posted a photo on social media in which Jackie Chan is seen apologizing for his son’s incarceration.

On one side of the photo, Jackie Chan and his son can be seen, while on the other, his kid is being detained by police.

It was noted on Kangana’s Instagram photo that “When his son was arrested in a narcotics case in 2014, Jackie Chan issued an official apology. Jackie stated, “I am ashamed of the son’s action.” She added, “It is my failure, and I will not intercede to protect him.” His son was sentenced to six months in prison.”

Kangana captioned the photo she posted on Instagram, “Just saying.” Kangana’s reaction to the situation is not the first time she has expressed her opinion. Previously, when Hrithik Roshan expressed his support for Aryan Khan on his social media account, he responded with a lengthy statement.

According to the actress, “All of Pappu’s mafia is now flocking to Aryan’s aid. We make mistakes, but we don’t publicize them. I’m sure it’ll help him understand what’s going on. I genuinely hope he learns from his mistakes and improves. When someone is in a critical situation, don’t bring it up because they are already in a poor mood.”

“It is true that we should not talk about someone while he is in difficulty, but it is criminal that we make him feel that what he did was not bad,” Kangana continued.

On October 2, an NCB team commanded by Sameer Wankhede raided the Goa-bound cruise ship. During this time, the crew also detained Shahrukh Khan’s son, who was present at the party, as well as others.

While rejecting Aryan Khan’s and others’ bail applications, the court sentenced him to 14 days in judicial prison on Friday.

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