Karolína Kokešová: Miss Universe Chez Republic 2021

Karolína Kokešová was named Miss Universe Czech Republic 2021 by eská Miss Essens authorities and is currently in Israel to represent her country in Miss Universe 2021.

Karolína Kokešová of the Czech Republic won the Miss Global beauty pageant, which was held in Mexico in January 2020. Born on 22 February 1995, Karolina is 25 years now and will be 26 years in next year in February. She will certainly be hoping to celebrate her next birthday with the Miss Universe crown.

She is not just a model and pageant winner, but also a social media sensation and entrepreneur. She created the beauty line ‘By Kokinekal.’ She lives in Prague, the capital city of Chez Republic.

Karolína Kokešová
Karolína Kokešová: Miss Universe Chez Republic 2021 1

She won the Miss Beauty World Beauty Contest in 2020, and she will aim to win it again this year. Karolna Kokeová (25) will fly to Miss Universe, the world’s most famous beauty pageant, to represent the Czech Republic.

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Karolína Kokešová
Karolína Kokešová: Miss Universe Chez Republic 2021 2

She received her bachelor’s degree in tourism destination management at Vysoká kola Hotelová Praha in Prague.

Karolna Kokeová (25) had triple breast surgery last year because there were always complications. She claims to be content, but her supporters disagree. She has traveled to many countries like Bali, Maldives, Mauritius, USA, Mexico, Netherland, Hong Kong, and Italy, etc.

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The Czech Republic’s last major success at Miss Universe was more than ten years ago. Iveta Vtová was among the top 10 in 2009. Kokeová expressed her gratitude for the opportunity after being nominated as Miss Universe Chez Republic 2021.

Karolína Kokešová
Karolína Kokešová: Miss Universe Chez Republic 2021 3

She still fought with natural baits in Miss Global, but she’ll be wearing silicone threes for Miss Universe. It is the only exterior change that Kokeová has undergone. “My mum and father have given me good genes. I appreciate it. But, of course, I enjoy taking care of myself, as every woman should – cosmetics, hairdressers, high-quality creams. But I’m not making this up “She also noted

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