Britney Spears Thanks Lady Gaga again

Many celebrities have spoken out about Britney Spears’s release, while others have remained silent.

Previously Lady Gaga supported Britney spears and Britney thanked Lady Gaga by sharing her photo on her Instagram story with a thanks message.

Now Britney has again thanked Lady Gaga with sharing her image in a post and wrote ‘ Why hello sexy lady !!!! Thanks again for your kind words ….. you’ve inspired me too and I’m in love with this outfit !!!! You’re my inspiration for the rest of the year and congrats on your amazing movie !!!! Love, B’.

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The latter was the case of singer Christina Aguilera, who refused to speak about Britney’s guardianship on the 2021 Latin Grammy red carpet, which apparently irritated the Princess of Pop.

Britney shared a video on her Instagram stories in which she appears to be a reporter questioning Christina about the Spears case and her recent release; however, the artist refused to answer, and even a member of her team told her not to talk about it.

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