Britney Spears takes on Christina Aguilera and expresses gratitude for Lady Gaga’s support

Britney Spears thanked Lady Gaga for her support and went after Christina Aguilera, citing the attitudes that each of them has displayed in the case of her guardianship.

Britney Spears declared November 12 to be the happiest day of her life because it marked the end of the legal guardianship that had been imposed on her for more than 13 years.

Despite this, Britney Spears has stated her desire for her family and others involved in her abuse to be punished for the years of abuse she claims to have endured.

But, now, Britney Spears has taken a stand against those she believes are indirectly to blame for the situation, while also thanking those who continue to support her.

Britney Spears takes on Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears takes on Christina Aguilera

Among them are Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, to whom she sent a social media message.

Britney Spears lashes out at Christina Aguilera for refusing to discuss her condition. The video shows when journalists asked Christina (Xtina) about Britney she walked away just saying I am happy for her.

Britney Spears shared a few videos of herself on her Instagram stories. Christina Aguilera is seen talking to reporters on the red carpet at the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards in the first video.

During the interview, Christina Aguilera is asked if she has spoken to Britney Spears now that she is free. “I can’t [talk about it], but I’m happy for her,” the singer says, refusing to delve into the subject.

Britney Spears takes on Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears thanks Lady Gaga

“Refusing to speak when you know the truth is equivalent to lying!” Britney Spears wrote to Christina Aguilera.

This did not sit well with Britney Spears, who accompanied the video with a short text in which she expressed her displeasure with Christina Aguilera.

“I love and adore everyone who supported me… but refusing to speak when you know the truth is tantamount to lying!!!!” Britney continued.

As a result, Britney Spears emphasized the importance of people with such influence, such as Christina Aguilera, not remaining silent in the face of injustice:

“13 years of being in a corrupt and abusive system, but why is it such a difficult topic for people to talk about?” Britney continued. I’m the one who got it! Thank you to everyone who spoke up and supported me… Yes, it does make a difference!

Britney Spears thanks Lady Gaga for speaking out against the music industry’s treatment of her.

In the second video shared by Britney Spears, Lady Gaga can be seen on a red carpet celebrating the premiere of her film ‘House of Gucci.’

Lady Gaga, far from avoiding the subject, condemns the music industry’s unfair treatment of Britney Spears over the course of her tutelage, which lasted more than 13 years.

“The way she was treated in this industry was very bad,” Lady Gaga said, “and the way women are treated in the music industry is something I want to change.” “I believe she will always be a source of inspiration for women.”

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