Justin Bieber’s Birthday Message to Hailey Baldwin: “I’ll Never Stop”

Justin Bieber recently shared a photo of himself with Hailey Baldwin.

Justin Bieber revealed a sweet message for Hailey Baldwin, who is 25 years old, through this upload.

Justin Bieber celebrated Hailey Baldwin’s birthday by posting a portrait and a sweet message on his social media.

According to reports, Hailey Baldwin has completed her 25 years on Monday local time.

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After that, the Peaches singer wrote a sweet message to his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

“For the birthday of my beloved squish. My heart belongs to you. My eyes are yours, as are my lips. I’m all yours. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be yours “On November 23, 2021, Justin posted on Instagram as @justinbieber.

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“You will always be mine. Life had never made more sense to me until you became my wife “He continued.

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