Bollywood actors height, Who Is Tallest And Shortest

Bollywood actors height is always one key piece of information that their fan seeks. Some people motivate themselves by knowing their favorite star’s height. Some others keep searching for the height of Bollywood actors’ height because of challenges with their friends regarding their favorite actors.

Amitabh Bachchan was the first hero who became more famous in the Bollywood industry due to his height. However, he also faced many obstacles in the early days due to his height when many filmmakers turned him down, saying that they do not think they would like such a tall hero.

But when Amitabh Bachchan proved to be a hit in the film industry and was called the great hero of the century, the popularity of tall heroes has increased significantly in Bollywood. And the people of India were also able to accept tall heros easily.

Here is a list of Bollywood actors and their height. We have not only included lead actors but also character artists.

Bollywood actors height

Here is Bollywood actors height in feet and we have tried to include almost all renowned actors from Hindi cinema.

Sl NoBollywood Actor NameBollywood Actors Height in Feet
1Guru Dutt5’7″ to 5’8″
2Ashok Kumar5’9″
3Prithviraj Kapoor6’2″
4Raj Kapoor5’7″
5Shammi Kapoor6’1″
6Sashi Kapoor5’11”
7Kishore Kumar5’8″
8Dev Anand5’10”
9Dilip Kumar5’10”
10Manoj Kumar6’2″
11Pran saheb5’7″
12Prem Chopra6’2″
13Rajesh Khanna5’7″
15Amitabh Bachchan6’2″
16Vinod Khanna5’8″
17Shatrughan Sinha6
19Amjad Khan5’10”
20Sanjeev Kumar5’8″
21Amol Palekar5’6″
23Vinod Mehra5’9″
24Sunny Deol 5’8″
25Sanjay Dutt6
26Jackie Shroff5’11”
27Anil Kapoor5’9″
28Shahrukh Khan5’7″
29Salman Khan5’8″
30Aamir Khan5’5″
31Saif Ali Khan5’7″
32Ajay Devgn5’9″
33Sunil Shetty5’9″
34Akshay Kumar5’10”
35Akshay Khanna5’7″
36Bobby Deol5’11”
37Hritik Roshan5’11”
38Abhishek Bachchan6’1″
39Ranbir Kapoor5’11”
40Vivek Oberoi5’10
41Aftab Shivdasani5’10
42Riteish Deshmukh5’9″
43Arjun Rampal5’11”
44John Abraham6
45Irrfan Khan6
46Dino Morea6
47Imran Khan (Delhi Belly Fame)5’9″
48Paresh Rawal5’8″
49Amrish Puri5’9″
50Anupam Kher5’6″
53Rana Daggubati6’1″
54Sunil Dutt6
55Varun Dhawan5’9″
56Ranveer Singh5’10”
57Shahid Kapoor5’8″
58Sidharth Malhotra6′ 1″
Bollywood actors height

Few words about Bollywood actors height list (height of bollywood actors)

We have included the names of 58 actors in this list. In the coming days, we will include even more actors and will also include actresses as well.

Who is the tallest actor in Bollywood?
Bollywood actors height
Bollywood actors height, Who Is Tallest And Shortest 1

Arunoday Singh and Nikitin Dheer (Chennai Express and Jodha Akbar) are 1.89 Meters or 6 feet 3 inches. Sonu Sood, Kunal Kapoor, and Aditya Roy Kapoor are in second place with 1.88 Meters of height or 6 feet 2.5 inches.

Who is the Shortest actor in Bollywood?

Arguably it is Aamir Khan if you consider the actors who are well known.

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