Andrea Aguilera: Miss Grand Ecuador 2021

Andrea Aguilera is from the province of Los Roses, from Ventanas, she is 20 years old, and she has been on the beauty pageant circuit for a few years. She has been named as the runner-up in Miss Grand 2021 competition.

The winner was declared by a tiebreaker as it was tie between Miss Ecuador and Miss Vietnam.

On Saturday night, June 26, 2021, the new Miss Grand was chosen at the TC Television facilities in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Sonia Luna bid farewell to the throne and six women arrived to fulfill their dream of becoming the contest’s new beauty queen. Aguilera stood out in the silver and green crown she wore.

Miss Grand Ecuador is 20 years old, studies medicine, and was born in Ventanas, Los Roses province. She was the youngest contestant, but she is no stranger to beauty pageants.

Andrea Aguilera
Andrea Aguilera: Miss Grand Ecuador 2021 1

Andrea Aguilera stands 5 feet 11 inches and her weight is 60 Kg. Her body measurement is 35-24-38. Her hobbies are traveling and learning new things and she wants to become a transcendental person.

Andrea Aguilera
Andrea Aguilera: Miss Grand Ecuador 2021 2

Andrea Aguilera was chosen as Queen of Windows at the age of 16, and she later competed for the position of Los Roses representative, which she also won. The twenty-year-old competed for the title of Miss Earth 2019; she did not win, but she was a finalist. She has now gradually begun to open her doors. “I got the job, now I have to work,” she says.

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Andrea Aguilera
Andrea Aguilera: Miss Grand Ecuador 2021 3

Her contests appear to be a great way for her to make contacts, and she has projects that she is already working on in addition to winning as a beauty queen. Its goal is to establish a foundation that serves as a link between the authorities and the country’s low-income areas, which lack even basic services.

Here is her journey in the pageant.

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Aguilera turned 20 in April of this year, but her maturity shines through in her speech about how she sees her life. She believes that everything must be learned, that circumstances are not an excuse to have a negative attitude, and that you must take a step toward your dreams and desires every day. She’s done it this way since she was a child.

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