Tucu López mentioned wanting to have a child with Sabrina Rojas.

The announcer, who was about to begin a new television show with his partner, opened his heart and expressed his desire to become a father.

Tucu López’s 2022 begins with everything: it has been confirmed that he will lead the mornings of América TV beginning January 3rd, and on Sunday the 8th, he will conduct Pairings alongside his partner Sabrina Rojas on the same screen.

Tucu López

The announcer gave a note on the Pasa Montagna program (Radio Rivadavia) from his native land and in the company of his girlfriend, where he reviewed his future work and expressed his desire to form a family with his current girlfriend.

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Tucu López
Tucu López mentioned wanting to have a child with Sabrina Rojas. 1

“Laburando, I’m a guy who values harmony and positive vibes. But I’m also very intense, and I obsess over details… Fortunately, Sabri is much more relaxed, so it appears to me that we are complementing the balance of how each of us is working very well “Tucu stated.

Sabrina Rojas and Tucu López met on the set of José Mara Muscari’s play Sex. They reminded the announcer in one section of the interview that Noelia Marzol met her current partner there as well, with the exception that Ramiro Arias was in the audience.

“Hopefully Sex brings us the same luck,” the Tucu replied without hesitation. They cross-questioned him from the floor, out of place, “To get married? Or is it because of their son?

“They are doing very well and are very happy.” I believe that anyone who joins forces with another to form a couple always considers it to be forever or to last as long as possible. And, of course, I aspire to be a father at some point… “And I’m in love with Sabrina, for whom I’d like to be a father and for whom I’d like her to be the mother of my child,” he confirmed.

Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas always talked about how they maintained the bond as an assembled family after their divorce. Tucu López described how he lives this story: “With harmony, tranquillity, as always.” It had no effect on me.”

“I know it’s not often, but we have an unbeatable gift.” I get along great with Esperanza and Fausto, and they do as well. “With Flor and Luciano, we’re getting along again, we’re getting together to eat, and there’s a real and genuine harmony,” said the announcer.

El Tucu assured that his girlfriend bears a large portion of the blame for the situation’s outcome. “Sabrina and Luciano have a wonderful relationship; they are still family, they have a wonderful love, and children always come first.” There is a high level of awareness of what the present consists of. I appreciate it, “He stated.

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