Karine Martins Files for Divorce After Video Shows Her Abusing Paul Staehle

There was some confusion between Paul Staehle and Karine Martins at times. It was extremely intriguing. Unfortunately, things are looking very serious and extremely difficult these days.

Carine appears to be attacking Paul in the leaked video. In front of my son, it appears to be domestic violence.

Paul Staehle
Karine Martins Files for Divorce After Video Shows Her Abusing Paul Staehle 1

Karine Martins discusses divorce on social media. Meanwhile, Paul’s parents are competing to look after Pierre and Ethan. Carine announced her divorce to her Instagram followers in a short post on Friday.

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“Do you remember the last time you tried everything?” Karine Martins began.

“And when I say everything, I mean everything you can think of, and then some,” Karine Martins continued.

“The night before, I awoke and reflected on everything and many things I’d experienced,” Karine Martins wrote.

“It was always for the love of my children, and it would never change,” she insisted.

“I made up my mind and woke up and asked for a divorce,” Carine explained. “I was divorced.”

The post was removed, but not before 90th fiance Blogger John Yates took the screenshot.

The video was apparently leaked from the couple’s indoor security cameras shortly after she requested a divorce.

Carine can be seen in the video cramping Paul’s hair and pushing him back with her throat. All in front of Pierre, who is two years old.

There is never an excuse for domestic violence, and it’s difficult to think of another term for what we’re witnessing.

Pulling hair, for example, may be part of the couple’s consensual bedroom activities, but they are fully dressed, in front of their son, and in the living room.

If there is any other context in this video besides spousal abuse, the world has yet to hear it. Paul screamed at his parents on Instagram at the end of the weekend.

His mother, Mary, and his father, who is rarely seen, both assist with childcare.

My mother’s job is demanding, but she is taking care of her grandchildren during this trying time. The simplest explanation for what happened is that at least one case of spousal abuse was caught on camera.

Because of his misguided love for Karine, Paul, as a victim, may not have released the footage, but he kept it in case he needed it someday.

We’re all aware of Paul’s vexing past, and his accomplishments give fans little reason to believe in him. We also know how male domestic violence victims are believed and supported.

This is common among other domestic violence victims, but there are differences.

Misogyny in patriarchal culture causes abused women to be unbelievable. Men are discouraged from admitting “weaknesses” or seeking help in the same culture.

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