Paola Krum on the beach in a tiny bikini

Paola Krum is one of those women who never appears to grow old. She is a goddess who has always preferred to be herself, without retouching in an operating room, and who prefers to wear no makeup when she is not performing. She is currently on vacation at the beach, where she was very sexy and drew more than one glance.

Paola Krum displayed all of her beauty in an animal print bikini, and despite her 51 years, many young people admired her.

Currently, the actress is in a relationship with Iván Espeche, a man with whom she was also in a relationship 25 years ago.

Paola Krum on the beach in a bikini

“The first day. “Holidays, summer, and love,” she exclaimed, clearly excited for her “getaway.” “to go to the beach

The images of her elicited numerous compliments about her and her body. “What a statue!!!!! As my grandmother would put it “, was one of the comments they made about her, to which she responded with laughter.

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