Tania Mendoza, the actress from the film ‘La Reina del Sur,’ was murdered in Cuernavaca

Tania Mendoza, a Mexican artist, was attacked by armed subjects while waiting for her son to leave a soccer practice session in Morelos, the state capital.

Tania Mendoza, best known for her role in La Reina del Sur, was murdered on Tuesday afternoon in Cuernavaca, Morelos. The crime occurred outside the gates of a sports venue, where the artist was waiting for her 11-year-old son to finish soccer practice.

According to local media reports, two armed individuals on a motorcycle shot the actress outside the Los Felinos club in the Lomas de Cortés neighbourhood of Morelos’ capital, at around 6.15 p.m. Other parents who were expecting their children saw the attack and ran for cover from the bullets. Security and emergency personnel rushed to the scene, but the woman’s vital signs had stopped. She, too, has not been able to track down the perpetrators.

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Mendoza, who starred in the 2003 film La mera Reina del Sur, had already been the victim of a kidnapping in 2010, along with her husband and son. According to El Universal, the actress reported to the State Prosecutor’s Office at the time that several hooded individuals assaulted her and her partner’s car wash business and deprived them of their freedom.

They were transferred to another location and threatened, but they were eventually released unharmed. When they returned to their home in Cuernavaca, they discovered that the assailants had taken several belongings as well as a vehicle. According to what she reported to the Prosecutor’s Office, Mendoza received threats demanding that she leave Morelos again in the following days.

The 35-year-old actress had previously appeared in several soap operas and formed a regional music group. She is the third woman to be assassinated in Morelos in the last 24 hours. The state government has not yet commented on the attacks. Every day, approximately 100 violent deaths occur in Mexico, and 95 percent of crimes go unsolved.

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