Nahemi Uequin: Miss Universe Bolivia 2021

Nahemi Uequin is twenty years old, the youngest and only female among three brothers. She is a very loving person, capable of both giving and receiving love from her family. She is from Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s largest city. Mara Alicia Antelo and Carlos Uequin are her parents’ names.

She competed for Miss Bolivia after being crowned Miss Santa Cruz. Miss Bolivia 2021 was held in Red Uno de Bolivia’s studio 5 and had as winners Nahemi Uequin, Miss Bolivia Universe 2021.

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It all started when Pablo Manzoni spotted her in a store while she was looking for a dress for her 15th birthday party. She is of Arab descent and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Nahemi Uequin
Image Credit: Nahemi Uequin Instagram

She practiced ballet every day for eleven years, and she credits it with teaching her the meaning of discipline and dedication. She is trilingual, speaking Spanish, English, and German. She is currently enrolled in the fourth semester of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Her ambition was to represent her country in the Mis Universe competition. He graduated from a German high school, and her childhood dream was to become a doctor and help cancer patients.

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Nahemi Uequin
Image Credit: Nahemi Uequin Instagram

She began modeling at the age of 14, so she was exposed to all of the situations that a public figure can face, from support to the harshest criticisms, from a very young age. So she believes that by sharing our experiences and listening to others, we can all grow as people. She was also crowned Miss Santa Cruz.

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