Kedist Deltour: Miss Universe Belgium 2021 has a story to tell

23 years Kedist Deltour was crowned Miss Belgium Universe and she is currently representing her country in Miss Universe 2021 contest in Israel. Kedist is a hair dresser by profession. Originally from Ethopia, kedist was adopted by a belgium couple when she was 10 years old.

Because the gala show was held without an audience, the organizers presented the newly crowned Miss with a brand new crown. Deltour, who was previously known as Miss East Flanders, was also given a pink Volvo.

Deltour spoke about her difficult childhood, during which she fled her homeland and was adopted, at the gala. Both the moderators and the jury were moved by the story.

Thanaree Scheerlinck (24) of Wemmel was named honorary first lady (second place). Ostend’s Louise-Marie Losfeld completed the podium. Elodie Gualano, 18, finished fourth. Camilia Martinez, a 20-year-old Liège-based German studies student, finished fifth.

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Kedist Deltour Meeting with biological father

Kedist Deltour, who was born in Ethiopia, has touched the public with her life story. The young girl lost her mother to cancer when she was only eight years old. Her father abandoned her in an orphanage a few months later.

After being crowned as Miss Belgium Kedist decided to visit her home country and meet her biological father in November.

After reuniting with her father and the orphanage where she was taken in before being adopted, Miss Belgium returned to her childhood home.

Kedist Deltour, the current Miss Belgium, had an emotional day on Friday, November 5th. The 24-year-old traveled to Ethiopia, her birthplace, in search of her biological father. Kedist Deltour had not seen him since he was abandoned by the latter when he was eight years old.

Miss Belgium arrived in her father’s village with her half-brother, who now lives in Paris, and burst into tears when her father introduced himself to her. He collapsed to the ground, overcome with emotion, before hugging his daughter.

Kedist Deltour
Image Credit: Kedist Deltour Instagram

Miss Belgium, who was now happy in Belgium, wanted to see her father again to get an explanation for his abandonment. Following the death of his wife, the man abandoned his children (Kedist, his brother, and sister) after remarrying a lady who abused children.

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Kedist Deltour also got to meet his younger brothers, ages 6, 10, and 13, as well as his maternal grandfather. The young woman also payed her respects to her mother’s grave.

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