Luisa Sonza thanks everyone for the support for the show

Luisa Sonza thanked everyone for coming and said it was a team effort. She also took the opportunity to thank her fans for their well-wishes and attendance at the show.

Nobody does anything alone. That’s why I feel obliged to thank everyone who passes by Luísa Sonza and helps make it happen. Thanks. For yesterday, thanks @multishow, obg my team is the best in Brazil (and I know I’m unbearably demanding so I just want to say that you guys are f***g dms and I’m grateful dms for that, THANK YOU.) obg @fatimapissarra dona do mundo e @andrecorga who are my pillars and I love so much. Obg ICONIC ballet and @flavioverne I don’t even know what I would be without you. @opedrosecchin and @monicabrandao for trusting me 😉 hahah ❤️ and thanks to everyone who is a part of this in any way. It’s still just the beginning.’

Lusa Sonza released the new song “ANACONDA O” and proved that she wasn’t joking! Lusa Sonza released the music video for the album Doce 22 after honoring Marlia Mendonça with an award.

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Jenni Mosello, the singer and songwriter, created the song, which features a variety of rhythms, including electronic, reggaeton, pop, and funk.

The lyrics convey a message of female empowerment, defying sexist precepts that are frequently imposed on women. The video, directed by Jacques Dequeker, makes several references to the reptile that inspired the song’s title.

“‘Anaconda’ is one of the productions in which I was most involved. Of course, I actively participate in all of my compositions, but with this song it was different; it is the one that most closely resembles me. This is reflected in both the lyrics and the direction of the video, which I also signed “Sonza stated.

“I’m really excited for this release because ‘ANACONDA O‘ manages to reference all of the other songs on SWEET 22 while remaining unique and innovative.”

Mariah Angeliq, the owner of reggaeton hits such as Perreito and EL MAKINON, also appears in the video, along with Karol G.

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