Flor Vigna debuts a new video with Miss Bolivia

Flor Vigna released a video clip of her collaboration with Miss Bolivia after making a strong announcement on her social media profiles.

Flor Vigna and Miss Bolivia have been promoting the release of Suelta on social media for a few days now, the second short broadcast by the former La Academia contestant that features the singer’s collaboration.

“What delight! This Thursday, I’ll be releasing a new LOOSE song with my beloved Flor Vigna. Thank you for inviting me, beautiful to be from another planet,” Miss Bolivia wrote on Instagram, where she also shared a video preview of the video, which she finally released on December 16 and has already received over 200,000 views on YouTube.

Flor Vigna has announced that she will say goodbye to the year at Luna Park as part of the PLOP party, just over a month after officially launching as a singer with her song ‘Oops.’ She is very excited because she will be performing live at the event on December 18.

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Following ‘Uy,’ she released ‘Suelta,’ a new broadcast cut she recorded with Miss Bolivia. Her fans clearly put up with her, and she couldn’t help but appreciate them.

Vigna admitted on several occasions that music had always been her great dream, but she had never dared to put her tokens there because she saw it as unattainable. However, 2021 was finally decided, and she now sees that everything has paid off. “Music has the ability to make you feel, to drive you insane, and to drive you through.” “I’m completely in love with it,” she confessed on Instagram.

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