‘No Limite’: Fernando Fernandes, former ‘BBB’ participant, will present it now

The 2022 edition of No Limite on TV Globo will feature a new host. Fernando Fernandes, who previously competed in Big Brother Brasil 2, will take over The Voice from André Marques.

Fernando, a professional athlete, four-time paracanoe champion, and extreme sports enthusiast, says he has already begun preparing for the full reality experience.

Fernando Fernandes
'No Limite': Fernando Fernandes, former 'BBB' participant, will present it now 1

“I’ve been a fan of the show since its early seasons.” After years as an athlete in the outdoor world, a person who loves being in the middle of nature and who lives on the edge of the limit – and constantly exceeds it (laughs), I’m now preparing for the biggest opportunity of my life “he says

Fernando Fernandes, 28, was paralyzed in a car accident in 2009. He used to be a professional football player and an amateur boxer. “I want to bring my gaze not only as a presenter, but as a person who lives overcoming all these limits, not only physically, but as a human being, and make each participant live this intensely and extract the best from themselves. “I’m sure whoever is on the other side of the small screen will live it all with us,” he says.

Following the difficulties of the camp, in an isolated and inhospitable environment, and facing even more difficult tests, two people will be eliminated per week in No Limite.

No Limite will air on Tuesdays and Thursdays after the 9 p.m. telenovela, with genre direction by Boninho, artistic direction by LP Simonetti, and general direction by Angélica Campos. On Sundays, following Fantástico, the contestants who have been eliminated for the week meet in a new, unpublished program on TV Globo.

Participants who left the game reflect on the highlights of their experiences and on the most significant events of the tests and the camp. The reality is another collaboration between Globo and Endemol Shine Brasil, based on Survivor, a successful original format created by Banijay.

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