Ezgi Mola: the case of the Turkish student who was beaten by his teacher, which enraged the “Inocentes” actress

Ezgi Mola, the actress who plays Safiye in “Masumlar Apartman” or “Inocentes,” expressed her outrage on social media about a student being abused by her teacher at Sehit Salih Aksu High School. A case that has shocked Turkey.

Mola is a popular actress in Turkey thanks to her role as Safiye in the popular series “Inocentes.” In fiction, she is Han’s older sister and the one who causes the most strife in the family.

The 38-year-old actress is a household name in her native country, having won numerous awards in film, theatre, and television. Recently, Ezgi Mola, who plays a teacher in “Inocentes,” raised his voice in protest over the case of a student who was beaten by his teacher.

The beating of a student by his teacher has sparked outrage in Turkey. The incident occurred on December 14 at Sehit Salih Aksu High School in Ortakoy District.

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Ali Riza, a fifth-grade teacher, dragged a fifth-grader out of the classroom, then slapped and hit him in the hallway. Furthermore, the caller strangled the little girl, as evidenced by security camera footage of the heinous attack.

Gülcan Ünlü, a teacher who heard the noise as the boy was being beaten, intervened and saved the student from Ali Rza’s attacks. These events were captured on the high school’s security camera.

Following the assault, the minor’s parents were informed. Duran K., the student’s father, took his son to the hospital for a checkup. He then went to the Public Ministry and filed a criminal complaint against Ali Riza, a mathematics teacher.

Duran K stated that his son received a disability report and will be unable to attend school for 10 days as a result of the violence he experienced: “We have filed a criminal complaint against the teacher,” he said.

According to the Turkish Provincial Directorate of National Education, the teacher was suspended: “The teacher has been suspended from classes by our Governor’s Office due to the incident in which Ali Rza mistreated our student.” “The judicial and administrative investigations continue,” according to a statement.

The video of Ali Rza, a high school math teacher, hitting his student sparked outrage on social media. Many people, from celebrities to ordinary users, expressed their displeasure with the teacher and solidarity with the minor.

Ezgi Mola, who plays Safiye in “Innocents,” expressed her outrage at the student’s teacher’s aggression at Sehit Salih Aksu High School in the Ortakoy district.

The Turkish actress was upset and outraged, wishing that people with these violent behaviors be used as test subjects in the cosmetics and health industries.

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