In Noronha, Diogo Nogueira and Paolla Oliveira create an atmosphere conducive to making out

Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira are starting the year at an inn in Fernando de Noronha. The couple, who are known for their beauty and chemistry, took advantage of the location’s visuals to take photos and get fans excited about the captions.

The two appear smiling in front of a hill in a photo published by Diogo on Tuesday, and the samba dancer plays with Noronha’s fame. “Let’s go somewhere where anything, including nothing, can happen,” he said, causing laughter.

Paolla, ever the good sport, took advantage of the opportunity to pique fans’ interest. “Is there any way anything could happen to my people?” she asked, laughing emojis on her face.

Diogo summoned Paolla to the stage during the New Year’s Eve performance at Zé Maria’s. She was dressed in a bikini and a green skirt and was watching the performance from backstage. During the actress’s entrance, the singer exclaimed, “Hold her hands!”

They’ve only been together for about six months, but they’ve already exchanged countless declarations of love on social media and kissed on stage. Paolla even danced a little with her lover, earning a slew of applause, screams, and applause from the audience.

Diogo is currently working to promote “Flor de Caa,” a song he wrote for his girlfriend. The song is available on all social media platforms, and the video was shot in a traditional samba house in Rio de Janeiro.

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