Who is Audri Nix: Kayne West’s Rumoured Girlfriend

Audri Nix, a Puerto Rican rapper, was spotted sunbathing on Miami Beach on Monday. On New Year’s Day, the 27-year-old was spotted on the balcony of Kanye West’s Miami hotel room. They reconnected a few days later at a gated community in Miami.

Nix has made references to West in her song Miami Beach since the two were linked.
West’s rumoured relationship with Nix comes after he was spotted with Uncut Gems star Julia Fox several times. Later that night, the rapper, 44, joined the actress, 31, for dinner at Craig’s in West Hollywood.

Audri Nix
Who is Audri Nix: Kayne West's Rumoured Girlfriend 1

Audri Nix is the Puerto Rican rapper who stunned the world with her electronic hip hop in 2015.

She began making music at the age of 16, but we first met her when she was 20 and released the song 18+, in which she talks about love and sex; a very realistic depiction of young people’s lives.

She recently released the song Más, which was produced by Overlord, with whom she had previously collaborated on her debut single 1000 MPH.

The theme contains many R&B elements, and the lyrics remain true to Audri’s style: the voice of a woman who is not afraid to assert her desires.

Audri Nix
Who is Audri Nix: Kayne West's Rumoured Girlfriend 2

Her voice has helped her stand out in the Latin American hip hop scene, which has traditionally been dominated by men.

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Audri Nix

Adriana Nicole, known professionally as Audri Nix, is a Puerto Rican rapper and actress. She was born in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. According to specialized critics, she is the best MC in her home country.

Audri Nix
Who is Audri Nix: Kayne West's Rumoured Girlfriend 3

Audri Nix’s Childhood, Youth, and Family Life

Audri Nix has been singing since the age of sixteen.

Audri Nix’s Musical Beginnings

Audri Nix began on the music scene at the age of twenty, performing improvisations and composing her own music until she released her first single.

The musical style of Audri Nix

Audri Nix combines hip hop with R&B and electronic music in her performances. Her musical influences include Daft Punk and others.

Audri Nix’s Career and Legacy

Audri Nix released the song “More” as part of her EP “The Golden Girl” in 2017, and it depicts a rather realistic image of young people’s lives.

Her subsequent singles were “Complicado” in 2018, “Away” in 2019, and “The Worst of You” in 2020; the latter is the main song of the youth series “Bravas,” produced by the singer and producer Natti Natasha, and she performs it with the urban genre exponent Nohemy.

Audri Nix released the song “I don’t feel na” in 2021 as part of the EP “Trap top,” which also included the songs “Time”, “Well”, “Away”, and “Complicated”.

Personal Life of Audri Nix

Audri Nix was involved in domestic violence issues in 2018, having been accused by her then-lover, Puerto Rican rapper lvaro Daz, of being beaten by the singer.

Audri Nix has managed to position herself and climb with her music to position herself as the best female MC in Puerto Rico, being followed by a significant number of fans who praise her and enjoy her recordings, in addition to seeing her success as an actress and the star of a popular YouTube teen series.

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