Madonna shared some of her old memories on World AIDS Day 2021

Today is December 1 and today is celebrated around the world according to World’s AIDS. On this occasion, pop queen Madonna has written an emotional message sharing a video of her 18 years ago.

Madonna wrote ” In 1993 I performed this song on the Girlie Show to pay tribute to all my friends who died of AIDS. Today is World AIDS day and I would like to share my heartbreak 💔and my sense of Loss, but most of all my belief in the resiliance of Humans and my Hope that we will one day find the cure.”

Madonna has been in the headlines for the last few days. Last week, Madonna shared some of her very hot pictures on Instagram, which received different types of reactions, many criticized her and many fans also praised her. Let us tell you that Madonna has just turned 63 years old.

Every year on December 1st, the world commemorates World AIDS Day. The goal of commemorating this day is to raise AIDS awareness among people of all ages. The World Health Organization (WHO) established World AIDS Day as a global event in August 1987.

World AIDS Day 2021 Theme-

Each year, a new theme is chosen for World AIDS Day. The theme for this year is “End Inequality, End AIDS.” According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the main focus of this year’s agenda is to highlight growing disparities in access to essential HIV services around the world.

What exactly is the AIDS virus?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is the full name of AIDS. It is a communicable venereal disease. It is said that the virus that causes it is known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The body’s own natural ability to fight bacteria is known as the immunity system. However, the AIDS virus reduces the person’s immunity by neutralizing these white blood cells, as a result of which the body’s ability to fight the virus is diminished and the disease takes control of the body.

AIDS Transmission-

Having unprotected sex with an infected person, transfusion of HIV-infected blood into the body during a blood transfusion, using injection needles used on an HIV-positive person, or having an HIV-positive pregnant woman during pregnancy are all major causes of HIV. Feeding your milk to your unborn baby during or after delivery can infect him or her.

AIDS symptoms-

AIDS symptoms can appear even after 5 to 10 years. The person suffering from this has white patchy spots on the mouth, excessive sweating, frequent complaints of fatigue, sudden weight loss, high fever, frequent diarrhea, persistent cough, and sore throat, according to experts. If you have symptoms such as swelling of the lymph glands in your thighs and armpits, itching and burning all over your body, pneumonia, tuberculosis, or skin cancer, you should get an AIDS test right away.

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