Why are some very smart people so quiet? 7 reasons

Have you ever wondered Why are some very smart people so quiet and why they are so introverted? Are they proud because they are smart or they don’t want to talk to people whom they consider as less smart?

Quiet people or those who appear to be very shy may be the smartest in a group. One recalls the quietest, but highest-scoring classmate. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten reasons why quiet people are the smartest.

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7 reasons why are some very smart people so quiet

Once lord Buddha said ‘sometimes silence is better than a thousand words’.

Why are some very smart people so quiet lord Buddha
Why are some very smart people so quiet?

You learn a lot by not talking.

A quiet person learns a lot from other people and can understand things that he did not fully understand by listening. A good listener is a better learner, people who listen to others silently grasp more things than those who try to intervene every now or then.

They don’t debate or argue a lot because they aren’t very productive.

Quiet, intelligent people focus on solving problems rather than debating issues that are unimportant. Debating with others can be counterproductive many times cause it may affect your inner peace.

People are extremely boring.

Quiet people are not interested in silly or unimportant conversations, such as watching a television show for entertainment or discussing a movie that is purely friction. Sometimes people spend hours of productive time discussing things like football or cricket that have to do nothing with their life.

They will not even attempt to discuss those issues cause they know the value of their time. So that is why some very smart people are so quiet.

Your calmness is a sign of safety.

You are more likely to feel very secure in yourself if you are a calm and delicate person. As a result, when they speak, they are very clear about what they are saying.

Being quiet indicates that you are contemplating a solution.

Quiet people require analysis and more information in order to form an opinion. As a result, they take a long time to say something useful in order to find a solution.

Few people appreciate the pleasure of silence.

Being alone with oneself is the same as remaining silent. It’s a special moment for them because they use it to get to know and understand each other better, as well as reflect on their day and how they can improve.

Maintaining a healthy brain requires silence.

According to AARP Magazine, being quiet or calm allows the brain to rest, which is beneficial to the health of this organ.

That is, if a quiet person does not use that time to read a book or solve his own hypothesis, he will not grow in knowledge and intelligence. A person who does not speak and does nothing productive for himself will never be considered intelligent.

So this is the 7 reasons Why are some very smart people so quiet.

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