You won’t believe who was included on the contentious list of top 10 female singers of all time

When Barstool Sports posted a photo with the caption “Power Ranking the Top 10 Female Singers of All Time,” it sparked a heated debate.

Top 10 female singers of all time

The following are the best singers, in descending order, according to the ranking:

  1. Mariah Carey
  2. Whitney Houston
  3. Jojo
  4. Lady Gaga
  5. Arétha Franklin
  6. Beyoncé
  7. Ashlee Simpson
  8. Tina Turner
  9. Adèle
  10. Addison Rae

Users on social media expressed a range of emotions, from rage to confusion. According to one Twitter user, the ranking is “”The worst take in history,” one person said, while another wondered, “How is Taylor Swift or Alicia Keys not on this list?” This isn’t something I can take seriously.”

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The addition of TikTok star Addison Rae, who released her debut single ‘Obsessed’ in March 2021, perplexed people even more. “Why is Addison Rae on the same list as Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Aretha Franklin, you are all liars,” one person tweeted about Addison’s tenth-place ranking.

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