Sunil Dutt, The Eternal Love Story With Nargis [Life, Wife, Movie and Family]

There have been many Bollywood stars whose real-life love story is no less than a masala Bollywood movie love story. The list includes Bollywood veteran actor Sunil Dutt, whose love story with beautiful and superstar of the 1950s, Nargis Dutt, made many headlines.

Born on June 6, 1929, in Khurd village, Jhelum district in British India (in present-day Pakistan), Sunil Dutt was a famous Bollywood actor, director, and politician. Sunil Dutt’s real name was Balraj Dutt and later changed to Sunil Dutt after joining Bollywood. His family immigrated to India in 1947 after partition. He started his career as a radio presenter in the Hindi service of Radio Ceylon after he completed his studies. He always had an interest in Bollywood and wanted to act in Hindi movies.

He was spotted by film-maker Ramesh Saigal while interviewing Dilip Kumar, who offered him to act in his movie Railway Platform in the lead character. The movie released in 1955.

Sunil Dutt rose to fame with Mother India, but he did all kind of role from serious to comedy. His comic role in Padosan and Kishore Kumar, and Mahmood was one of the most loved ones.

He was a popular actor and a successful politician. He joined Indian National Congress and even became the Minister for youth affairs and sports, but today we will talk about his love story with Nargis. Sunil Dutt married the beautiful Bollywood actress Nargis. From the meeting of both to marriage and after marriage, the story is no less than a film script.

Sunil Dutt Wife or Nargis Husband

Today, we refer to Nargis as Sunil Dutt’s wife, but at that time, many people in Bollywood and even outside Bollywood referred to Sunil Dutt as Nargis’s husband. When both got married in 1958, Nargis was a superstar while Sunil Dutt was trying to make a name for him in the industry.

Sunil Dutt was very much in love with Nargis even much before both met or worked. So on the occasion of his birthday, let us tell you about the love story of Nargis and Dutt saheb.

The First meeting

The love story of Sunil Dutt and Nargis started from the radio station where Nargis had reached for the interview, and Sunil Dutt was waiting for her with a list of questions. Working as a radio presenter, Sunil Dutt did not appear in films then, and Nargis became a big Bollywood actress.

It is said that Sunil Dutt became so nervous after seeing Nargis during the interview that he could not even ask questions. This was not the beginning of Sunil and Nargis’s love. It was their first meeting and the beginning of a never-ending love story.

The second meeting

After this, Nargis and Sunil had their second meeting on Bimal Roy’s film ‘Do Bigha Zamin.’ Sunil Dutt had reached there, and Nargis had come to meet Bimal Roy. In such a situation, when both came face to face, they remembered their last meeting. Seeing Sunil Dutt, Nargis smiled, and it left Sunil Dutt awe stock.

The first movie together

More interestingly, Sunil Dutt got the role of Nargis’s son in Mehboob Khan’s film ‘Mother India.’ During the shooting, Sunil used to forget the line after seeing Nargis and could not act. During this, Nargis helped him so that he could perform comfortably. Sunil Dutt was very impressed by the behavior of Nargis.

It is said that earlier, Sunil Dutt’s role was offered to Dilip Kumar, but he refused the offer and said that Nargis is his heroine; how can he play the role of her son. Although Mehboob Khan offered Dilip Kumar the double role of father and son, Dilip Kumar still disagreed.

However, even Sunil and Nargis would not have thought that this film would make them truly fall in love with each other. A scene on the set of ‘Mother India’ was to be filmed where a fire broke out. For this, straw was spread all around. When it was set on fire, it went out of control. Nargis got trapped inside during the scene and started screaming for help. Seeing Nargis trapped in the fire, Sunil Dutt jumped to save her. He saved Nargis but got burnt marks on his chest and face. This was the first time Nargis realized that someone could love her so much that he did not care for his own life.

Nargis showed care towards Sunil Dutt

After this incident once Sunil Dutt’s sister fell ill. Sunil Dutt did not know any doctor in Mumbai. Nargis went to the hospital with her sister without informing Sunil Dutt and got treatment in such a situation. Due to this, Sunil Dutt started loving Nargis even more. He proposed Nargis for marriage, and Nargis agreed. After that, both got married secretly as Mother India’s director Mehboob Khan did not want this news to spread as it could have hampered his movie.

Life After marriage

Sunil Dutt and Nargis had three children (one son and two daughters). However, Nargis was diagnosed with cancer prior to the release of Sanjay Dutt’s debut film Rocky. She was receiving treatment, but she was constantly in pain. She had stated that she would watch her son’s first film regardless of what happened. Although Sanjay Dutt’s film was released on May 8, 1981, Nargis died on May 3. Sunil Dutt, on the other hand, kept his promise to Nargis. Sunil Dutt had left one seat empty on the day of the film’s premiere; that seat was reserved for Nargis Dutt.

Sunil Dutt death

Sunil Dutt died on 25th May 2005 due to a heart attack at his Bandra residence. He was 75 years old at the time of death and was just 11 days away from completing his 76 years of life. What can be bigger evidence of Sunil Dutt and Nargi’s love story that both of them were born in June and both died in the month of May?

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