Remembering Shammi Kapoor on his 90th Birth Anniversary

Shammi Kapoor life and interesting facts: For a long time, the Kapoor family ruled Bollywood, and almost every person who has come from this family has demonstrated their strength in the Hindi film industry. It also includes the name of late actor Shammi Kapoor, whose dance moves revolutionized Hindi cinema.

Shammi has been dubbed the “Elvis Presley of Bollywood.” His enthralling dance had demonstrated to the audience that the film hero could not only swing by holding a branch of a tree, but he could also dance. Actors began dancing in films after seeing his performance.

Learn about Shammi Kapoor’s unique qualities

Shammi, like the rest of his family members, was quite attractive, and the girls adored him. Shammi died in 2011 after being born on October 21, 1931, in Mumbai. Shammi was involved in a lot of conversations about movies as well as his personal life. So, on this special day of his birthday, let us tell you a few things about him.

Shammi’s parents were said to be terrified when he was about to be born because the two children born after Raj Kapoor had already died. In such a situation, the birth of Shammi had brought much joy to everyone. He was the only child born in the Kapoor household who was delivered in a hospital. His father, Prithviraj Kapoor, gave him the name Shamsher Raj Kapoor at birth but later changed it to Shammi.

Shammi Kapoor
Shammi Kapoor

He was a junior artist before becoming a Bollywood hero, earning Rs 50 per day for his work. He, like others, worked in his father’s theatre. Despite being Prithviraj Kapoor’s son, he never received a Starkid launch.

Shammi’s career began with the 1953 film Jeevan Jyoti. Mahesh Kaul directed this film. Chand Usman played the film’s heroine. Shammi Kapoor was paid Rs. 11,000 for this film. Many of Shammi’s films were flops before he became famous, but he was never short of work.

Shammi Kapoor achieved enormous success with the 1961 film Junglee. Even today, people on Yahoo are swinging hard to the songs from this film.

Few people are aware that when the Yahoo search engine first launched in India, Shammi Kapoor was mistakenly identified as the company’s owner. This is why, when Yahoo’s top executive visited India, he met Shammi, because it was thanks to him that Yahoo became well-known.

Shammi Kapoor’s film career was noteworthy, and her personal life remained a topic of discussion. Shammi had a crush on Mumtaz, and everyone knew it. Both had made marriage plans, but Shammi is said to have put a condition on Mumtaz’s proposal that she stop working in films, which Mumtaz turned down.

During the film, Shammi Kapoor fell in love with Geeta Bali. Geeta was older than Shammi, and the Kapoor family was opposed to the relationship, but Shammi had decided that he would only marry Geeta. Shammi had secretly married Geeta in the temple, where he had filled Geeta’s forehead with lipstick due to the scarcity of vermilion. Despite the fact that Geeta lived for only ten years. Both had a son and a daughter before Geeta passed away.

Shammi married Neela Devi after his death.

Shammi was last seen in Rockstar, a film directed by Ranbir Kapoor. Shammi adored Ranbir, and it was a fortuitous coincidence that his film turned out to be Shammi’s final. Shammi died as a result of chronic renal failure. His departure shocked the industry to its core.

Interesting Facts about Shammi Kapoor

  • Shammi Kapoor loved his first wife Geeta Bali very much and till the end of his life kept saying that no one can replace her.
  • There was a time when Shammi Kapoor became crazy after seeing Madhubala and went after his mother to talk about their marriage. But later he came to know that Madhubala is in love with Dilip Kumar. But the friendship between the two remained intact.
  • Saira Banu became the heroine of Shammi Kapoor’s superhit film Junglee, who later played the role of his daughter in a movie.
  • Mummy Kapoor was the tallest of his three brothers.
  • Before Shammi Kapoor, Prithviraj Kapoor had three more sons, of whom Raj Kapoor was the eldest. The two brothers were born after Raj Kapoor had left the world in their childhood. That’s why Raj Kapoor loved Shammi Kapoor very much.
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