“Rest In Peace” Is Released By Dorothy. Single And Video From The Upcoming Album “Gifts From The Holy Ghost”

Dorothy, a Hungarian-born vocalist/writer, has always wanted and may have been destined to make the album Gifts From The Holy Ghost. It is her most bombastic and gloriously victorious rock and roll work yet, born from a sense of divine urgency. The album is a healing and remedial experience, made to unify listeners and point them towards a life full of purpose, with each song built on triumph—the unshackling of chains, the slaying of demons with a sword of light.

"Rest In Peace" Is Released By Dorothy. Single And Video From The Upcoming Album "Gifts From The Holy Ghost" 1

Dorothy’s soul-baring vocal performance is unforgettable, and her powerful resilience is palpably heard throughout Gifts, particularly on its moving new single, “Rest In Peace.”

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“‘RIP’ is about breaking free from oppression, burying demons, and reclaiming sovereignty and power,” she explains. Linda Strawberry edited the video, which was directed by Nick Peterson. Watch the video below.

Dorothy Martin’s life was forever altered three years ago when she was forced to face death on her tour bus. Dorothy instinctively began praying for the survival of her guitar technician after he overdosed. While he may have died temporarily, the technician was miraculously brought back to life. Dorothy seemed to come to life at this point as well. This divine intervention resulted in a radical and spiritual awakening in the singer, which can be heard on Gifts From The Holy Ghost, Dorothy’s third studio album as the front person for the pseudonymous blues-rock band Dorothy.

While the band’s first album, ROCKISDEAD, was built on whiskey and heartbreak, inspiring Rolling Stone to name them one of rock’s most exciting new acts and JAY-Z to sign them to his label Roc Nation, Gifts was built on recovery, health, and holiness, in a way that reverses the clichéd ‘good girl gone bad narrative.’

Gifts From The Holy Ghost is made from a musical palette that seems to encompass each of the musician’s influences, as well as many of the essential sounds of rock music’s history—from swampy blues to ’90s alternative —in a way that makes the case for rock and roll itself, thanks to the combined powers of Keith Wallen, Jason Hook, Scott Stevens, Phil X, Trevor Lukather, Joel Hamilton, and the legendary ear of producer Chris Lord Alge. Not only is the genre alive and well, but it’s more vibrant than ever.

“I think this album will speak to a lot of people; it’s meant to be healing, unifying, eye-opening, ear-opening, heart-opening, and celebratory,” Dorothy says, adding, “I wanted to make the most genuine album I could make, and I went in with the question, does this make me feel alive?” Does it make me feel liberated? If a song didn’t give me goosebumps or make my heart skip a beat, it didn’t make the cut.”

Dorothy has always been a naturally gifted writer and artist. ‘What is the meaning of life?’ she has asked herself throughout her life, both in and out of her art. What brings us here? ‘How did we get here?’ When she couldn’t find answers to those questions, she’d numb the void with drugs and alcohol. She was eventually admitted to rehabilitation, and a new chapter in her spiritual journey began.

The lyrics on the album strike the perfect balance of specificity and generality, allowing the listener to associate their own darknesses and triumphs with the songs while still getting a sense of Dorothy’s own. “We are all members of one human family,” she declares.

Dorothy identifies her purpose as an artist in Gifts From The Holy Ghost. She overcomes darkness with light, numbness with emotion, and discord with unity—all while delivering one of the year’s most enjoyable rock & roll records.

Roc Nation will release Gifts From The Holy Ghost this spring. Dorothy has announced a lengthy headlining North American tour, which will begin in San Diego on March 22 and will span the entire country from coast to coast. See the table below for a complete list of dates. Go here to buy tickets and get more information.


San Diego, CA – Music Box – 3/21/22

3/22/22 – Phoenix, AZ – Nile Theater

Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM – 3/24/22

Scoot Inn – Austin, TX – 3/26/22

Granada – Dallas, TX – 3/27/22

White Oak Downstairs – Houston, TX – 3/28/22

Parish at HOB – New Orleans, LA – 3/30/22

Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL – 4/01/22

Mars Music Hall – Huntsville, AL – 4/02/22

Basement East – Nashville, TN – 4/03/22

Masquerade – Atlanta, GA – 4/05/22

Underground – Charlotte, NC – 4/06/22

Charleston Music Hall – Charleston, SC – 4/08/22

Elevation – VA Beach, VA – 4/09/22

Brooklyn Bowl – Philadelphia, PA – 4/10/22

Recher – Towson, MD – 4/12/22

Mickey’s Black Box – Harrisburg, PA – 4/13/22

4/15/22 – Montclair, NJ – Wellmont Theater

Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY – 4/16/22

4/20/22 – Boston, MA – Paradise

Aura – Portland, ME – 4/21/22

HOB Cleveland – Cleveland, OH – 4/23/22

Bluestone – Columbus, OH – 4/24/22

St.Andrews – Detroit, MI – 4/26/22

Elevation – Grand Rapids, MI – 4/27/22

Piere’s – Ft. Wayne, IN – 4/28/22

HOB – Chicago, IL – 4/30/22

Majestic – Madison, WI – 5/01/22

Varsity Theater – Minneapolis, MN – 5/02/22

5/03/22 – Omaha, NE – Slowdown

5/05/22 – Kansas City, MO – Record Bar

5/06/22 – Wichita, KS – Temple Live

Summit – Denver, CO – 5/08/22

Knitting Factory – Boise, ID – 5/10/22

5/11/22 – Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory

El Corazon – Seattle, WA – 5/13/22

5/14/22 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne

Virginia St. Brewing – Reno, NV – 5/15/22

Ace of Spades – Sacramento, CA – 5/18/22

5/19/22 – Anaheim, CA – Parish at HOB

BottleRock Festival – Napa Valley, CA – 5/27/22

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