After announcing his divorce from Diana Vazquez , Poncho Herrera shared a photo with Dulce María

Alfonso Herrera surprised his followers on December 20 in the afternoon by sharing a postcard from a trip he took nearly 15 years ago. The actor jogged fans’ memories of him with an unexpected post on his Instagram feed.

The actor of El baile de los 41 shared a previously unseen photo of himself in Paris with Dulce Maria, his Rebelde and RBD co-star. They are seen amused in the image, making a joyful gesture, and they are accompanied by another person. The image has received over 225 thousand likes and over 9 thousand comments with the text “Around 2007, it rained!”

Immediately, some of his more than 3.5 million followers expressed their delight at seeing the famous together again, even if it is in an image captured during the band’s golden years. And by that year, Anah, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez, and Christopher Uckerman’s band, RBD, had achieved international success.

Furthermore, the image sparked suspicions because some comments allude to the histriones’ romance between 2003 and 2005, when both were main cast members of the soap operas Class 406 and, later, Rebelde.

“We love you all, please come back,” “The best years of our youth,” “The RBD generation is always present,” and “It is always good to remember the loves of youth” are just a few of the many messages in the comment box.

Let us recall that the members of the band performed a concert via streaming about a year ago, with the notable absences being Poncho and Dulce, and that some time later the newly turned mother announced that she would join the reunion tour, which would presumably take place in 2022.

On his part, the actor announced a few weeks ago that his relationship with Diana Vázquez, whom he married in 2016, ended amicably because they have two young children.

On Monday, November 6, the former RBD shared a photo with an emotional message in which he thanked the mother of his two sons for everything they had gone through; the antagonist of the film Amarte Hurts (2004) asked the media for empathy and understanding, and also stated that he will not make any further statements in this regard.

This news did not surprise fans of the also singer, because it had been rumored on social media in recent weeks that the interpreter of songs such as If You Are Not Here, And I Can Not Forget You, or Just Stay In Silence had gone a long time without sharing photos or videos with Diana Vázquez, indicating their separation.

Although he did not elaborate on the reason for his divorce from the mother of his two children, Daniel and Nicolás, the former RBD member stated:

“Diana Vázquez and I have decided to live our lives in different ways for a long time.” This situation has arisen through mutual agreement and on friendly terms, with much affection and respect, always wishing us the best. “We remain great friends and allies for the beautiful family that we have created,” he wrote.

In this regard, Alfonso Herrera used the occasion to express his admiration for Diana Vázquez by complimenting her role as a mother and a woman. The actor said goodbye to his former partner in a very polite manner, thanking him and emphasizing that the relationship will always exist.

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