Fans Support Joy of red velvet after her Instagram hack and leak

Joy’s private Instagram account was allegedly hacked last week, and her private images were leaked online. It is still unknown who carried out the hack or what their motivation was.

Joy of red velvet posted a selfie with her boyfriend, Crush, as well as a photo of their hands making a heart shape together in front of their drinks.

Aside from that, fans discovered that Joy follows some of her fan accounts on her private Instagram, and that she has also shared thank-you pictures of some of the gifts she has received from fans.

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Joy of red velvet

Many fans have defended Joy’s privacy and asked that the photos be removed as a result of the incident.

Despite the horrific circumstances under which the photos were discovered, many fans praised Joy for her sweetness.

Park Soo-young, better known as Joy, is a South Korean singer, actress, and host. In August 2014, she made her debut as a member of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet. Joy made her acting debut in 2017 and has since starred in the television dramas The Liar and His Lover and Tempted.

“I’m sure Joy is taken aback by her private account being hacked and leaked everywhere… but I have to say, I’m quite amazed to see how clean her private account is for an idol,” one fan commented.

“Joy’s private account is so pure, and it’s so cute to see how many people she was following,” another fan said.

Regardless, the fact remains that her privacy was violated. While it was a relief that Joy’s private content did not spark a major controversy, netizens have continued to rally in her support, urging others to respect her privacy and refrain from posting or sharing the leaked photos.

Leeteuk, iKON, and BTS’s official social media accounts were also hacked earlier this year.

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