Paulina Porizkova Back In Bikini And This Is Royal

Paulina Porizkova has been taking a break from uploading her typical bikini-clad photographs to compete in the jungle for the upcoming show Beyond the Edge, and it’s safe to say that fans have missed her bold and showy posts lately.

Paulina Porizkova
Paulina Porizkova Back In Bikini And This Is Royal 1

For a while, the former supermodel, 57, shared a different kind of spotlight with actress Jodie Sweetin, Bachelor alum Colton Underwood, and others.

The reality show, which is similar to its predecessor show Survivor, followed the group as they traveled deep into the tropics of Panama for the new show, which forces celebrities out of their comfort zones and into a battle of wits to discover who can outlast and triumph.

Now that filming has over and Paulina has returned to a more normal way of life, the unapologetic beauty has provided the internet with a much-needed respite from the drama and heavy news that frequently clogs the internet these days.

Paulina Porizkova showed off some skin in a blue bikini.

Paulina returned to her bikini-clad days on Instagram this morning, showing off some really toned abs, legs, and arms while posing in a royal blue two-piece.

Paulina looked as casually elegant as ever, taking a selfie in what appeared to be a sitting room with a stunning bay window design.

She held her phone just below her face, allowing her coyly charming smile to show through as she gave just the slightest lean to the side, allowing those toned ab muscles and slim legs to explode off the screen.

Paulina had all her admirers hungry for more with small wisps of grey coming out on either side of her adorably-messy, two-part bun hairdo.

Paulina Wrote “Ready for the hot tub.”

Paulina further wrote ” This is what I’ve been up to in the last week, taking a break and trying to figure out how to fix my hips after my jungle adventure.

I haven’t been able to walk properly for months.

After a week of trying to figure out the culprits and working out and eating healthy, I think I’m back on track.

I count myself as incredibly lucky to have been able to do this, and very grateful indeed.

It will take some physical work on my part to regain flexibility, but now I know what to do.
We all only have one body, an amazing a magical creation- we need to treat it well so it can keep carrying our inimitable souls.”

Users liked and commented on the post. Many wrote ‘You look amazinh’.

ANNIKA VON HOLDT wrote, “Woot, woot❤️ Damn, you look good.”

Alyssa Milano wrote ‘What kind of sorcery is this? Gah! The most beautiful woman in the world.’

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