Nora Fatehi Corona Positive: Nora Fatehi was also infected with corona, shared the post, and stated, “Nothing is important in your life”

Nora Fatehi Corona Positive: The news of Bollywood stars testing positive for coronavirus is breaking one after the other in the industry. Arjun Kapoor only found out about Corona yesterday. Nora Fatehi, the ‘Dilbar Girl,’ has also been discovered to be Corona positive. Nora is being quarantined at home. Nora herself confirmed the infection of her corona by sharing the post on social media. According to a statement released by Nora’s spokesperson, she was discovered to be Kovid positive on December 28.

Friends, I’m sorry to inform you that I am currently battling Corona. It left a lasting impression on me. I am currently under the care of doctors. Please stay safe and wear a mask; anything can happen to anyone. Nothing is more important than one’s own life.

Corona’s third wave in Bollywood

First and foremost, Kareena and Amrita Arora’s Kovid reports were positive, prompting a Kovid test of everyone who had contact with them, with many stars reporting positive results. Anshula Kapoor, Riya Kapoor, and Arjun Kapoor’s reports in the Kapoor family were corona positive.

The influence of Omicron on shooting

The state with the most Omicron cases is Maharashtra. The rising number of cases of Omicron and Corona in Mumbai has begun to have an impact on the shooting. In light of the Corona cases, a night curfew has been imposed. Film releases have also been postponed.

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