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Ninel Herrera Conde, also known as Ninel Conde or “The Killer Bombon” in the artistic community, is a Mexican actress and singer from Toluca, State of Mexico. She has appeared in two films and more than fifteen successful soap operas produced by Mexico’s most important channels, Televisa and Televisión Azteca, in addition to recording six studio albums, which have led to her performing in Mexico’s most important palenques with great success.

Ninel Conde’s first foray into the art world was through beauty pageants, where she won first place in the “Seorita Estado de México” contest in 1995. Ninel He, like other beauty queens at the time, saw the opportunity as a first step toward a career on Mexican television.

She received formal acting training at the “Emilia Carranza” Art and Theater Center, as well as singing and acting lessons from renowned actor Sergio Jiménez.

The singer and actress were in charge of laying the groundwork for a successful career by enrolling in various courses in singing, body expression techniques, and acting at the best schools in Mexico, and in 1995 she received her first special participation in a melodrama, “Under the same face,” which she directed.

Ninel Conde
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Despite the fact that she began her artistic career on Televisa, she decided to switch production houses in 1998, where she joined the telenovela “Perla,” starring Silvia Navarro and Leonardo Garca. Her career progressed at this television station, and she eventually became a member of the stellar casts of soap operas such as “La revancha” and “Como en el cine.” Three years later, she returns to Televisa, where she is cast in one of her most iconic roles: Alma Rey, Roberta Pardo’s mother, in the hit youth soap opera “Rebelde” in 2004.

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This boosted her career significantly, as it allowed her to participate in the reality show “Big Brother VIP, Mexico” and establish herself not only as an actress but also as a singer.

She has released six studio albums, two films, and appeared in over ten soap operas since then, with her most recent appearance as an actress in “The Lord of the Skies” in 2018.

Ninel Conde
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Real name Ninel Herrera Conde
Nickname The Killer Hottie
Place of birth Toluca, State of Mexico, Mexico
Date of birth September 29, 1976
Partner Giovanni Medina (2013-2017); Juan Zepeda (2006-2013); José Manuel Figueroa (2003-2006); Ari Telch (1997-1999)
Children 2; Sofía Telch, Emmanuel Medina
Height5 feet 7 inches
NINEL CONDE’S FAMILY Mirna Conde (mother)
Year 2004; Seven women, a homosexual and Carlos. Character
Year 2004; Unfaithful Women II
TV shows
2004Big Brother VIP. Participation 
2006Ugly Betty. Participation
2007 Desmadruga2. Participation driver
2008The show of dreams. Participation contestant
TV soaps
1995 Under the same face. Character: special performance
1996 The burning torch. Character: Mirta
1996 Clarita Light. Character: Elsa Cárdenas
1998 Pearl. Special participation
1999 Catalina and Sebastián. Character: Patty
2000 Forbidden kisses. Character: Karen
2000 Come back with me. Special participation
2000 Rematch. Character: Reina Azcárraga
2001 Like in the movies. Character: Topaz “La Matadora”
2004 Rebel. Character: Alma Rey
2008 Fire in the blood. Character: Rosario Montes
2009 Sea of Love. Character: Catalina “Coral” Mijares
2012 Because love rules. Character: Discua Paz de la Soledad
2017 In wild lands. Character: Carolina Tinoco
2018 The Lord of the heavens. Character: María de los Ángeles “Evelina” López
2003 Ninel Conde
2005 The rebel
2005 And … love won
2006 The killer hottie
2008 20 greats by Ninel Conde
2010 Free
1999 Sol de Oro Award in the category “Best New Actress” for “Catalina y Sebastián”. Result: Winner
1999 Palmas de Oro Awards in the category “Best New Actress” for “Women in front of the mirror.” Result: Winner
2001 Sol de Oro Award in the category “Professional Career” for “Como en el cine”. Result: Winner
2004 Latin Grammy Award in the category “Best group album” for “Ninel Conde”. Result: Nominated
2006 TVyNovelas Awards in the category “Best Leading Actress” for “Rebelde”. Result: Nominated
2008 Premios TVyNovelas in the category “Best co-star” for “Fuego en la sangre”. Result: Nominated


Ninel began a romantic relationship with actor Ari Telch, whom she met during her time on TV Azteca, when she was still a teenager at the start of her career. Her daughter Sofa was born from that relationship in 1997, but the relationship did not last and ended in 1999.

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Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde Instagram, Bio, Wiki, and details 3

Following that, she had a three-year relationship with singer José Manuel Figueroa, and while they became one of the most beloved couples in the artistic medium at the start of the 2000s, Ninel came to believe that Figueroa’s constant infidelities wore away the relationship, which ended in 2006.

She later met and married the Mexican businessman Juan Zepeda in 2006. This union lasted seven years and ended abruptly in 2013 when Ninel accused Zepeda of stealing a large sum of money, resulting in the businessman serving seven months in jail.

Ninel Conde
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In recent years, the “killer hottie” has expressed regret, claiming that she was carried away by bad advice and rash behavior without considering the consequences.

In 2013, she was in a relationship with Giovanni Medina. However, Ninel has stated that Medina had violent attitudes toward her during their four-year marriage, which resulted in her divorce in 2017.

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