Actress Naseem Banu Biography, Age, Height, Family, and Death

There have been many such actresses in Indian cinema who have wowed audiences with their talent and beauty. In the 1940s, one such actress was Naseem Banu, who was dubbed a beauty queen and the first female superstar. Today’s moviegoers would be unfamiliar with her. She began her acting career in the 1930s and continued until the 1950s. The same Naseem Banu celebrates his birthday today.

Naseem Banu
Actress Naseem Banu Biography, Age, Height, Family, and Death 1

Naseem Banu Early life and Career

Rosha Aram Begum was Naseem Banu’s real name. She was born in Old Delhi on July 4, 1916. Shamshad Begum, Naseem’s mother, was a well-known singer in her day. Naseem Banu was raised in a royal manner and used to ride in a palanquin to school. Naseem’s beauty can be judged by the fact that she did not want to be noticed by anyone, so she always wore a veil.

Naseem went to see the filming of Silver King with her mother once during the school holidays. She decided she wanted to be an actress after seeing the shoot. Seeing Naseem’s beauty in the studio, she received an offer to work in films as well, but her mother refused, calling Naseem a child because her mother wanted Naseem to become a doctor.

Meanwhile, filmmaker Sohrab Modi offered Naseem Banu the role of a lead female actress in the film Khoon Ka Khoon. Naseem’s mother had also refused this time, but Naseem was adamant that she wanted to be an actress after her mother’s refusal. Not only that, but she went on a hunger strike to persuade her mother. Eventually, her mother had to give her permission, and he began working on the film Khoon Ka Khoon.

Following the success of this film, Naseem became well-known throughout the country. Following this, Naseem became the first choice of all filmmakers. When more film offers came in, she dropped out of school and began working full-time in the film industry.

She appeared in several films with Modi under the Minerva Movietone banner, including Talaq, Meetha Jahar, and Basanti, but she rose to prominence as Naseem ‘Noor Jahan’ in the film Pukar. Following this, Naseem received offers for other films, but she was unable to accept them due to her contract with Sohrab Modi. On this subject, Naseem and Sohrab had a disagreement.

Following the 1947 partition

Naseem Banu married his childhood friend Mian Ahsan-ul Haq, who founded Taj Mahal Pictures. Naseem and her husband produced a number of films under this banner. Both moved to Pakistan after the 1947 partition, but Naseem returned to India with her two children.

She gave up her film career to raise her daughter

The film ‘Azeeb Ladki’ was the final film in Naseem Banu’s acting career. Naseem’s acting career came to an end after this film. This was the time when her daughter Saira Banu was about to make her debut on the big screen. It is also said that Naseem retired from acting because she did not want her daughter to be compared to her.

Designed costumes for Saira’s films

Naseem Banu
Actress Naseem Banu Biography, Age, Height, Family, and Death 2

Following that, Naseem began working as a fashion designer, designing dresses for many of her daughter’s films. According to a report, Naseem also played a significant role in Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar’s marriage. Finally, on June 18, 2002, at the age of 85, Naseem died.

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