Michelle Marie Colón Ramírez : Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021

Puerto Rico made history with Michelle Marie Colón Ramírez when an Afro-Latina was crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico, the first Black woman to represent the island in nearly 20 years of pageant history.

Michelle Marie Colón Ramírez, a 21-year-old pre-med student, was chosen from among 25 delegates from communities across the island. She easily won the crown not only because of her natural beauty but also because of her compassion and intelligence.

Michelle Marie Colón Ramrez had a dream of becoming a beauty queen from her childhood. As a child, she wished to be crowned and represent her country in international competitions, but she saw that as an unattainable goal.

Michelle Marie Colón Ramírez
Image Credit: Michelle Marie Colón Ramírez instagram

The beautiful young woman has already won the title of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021, but for her, it is only the beginning of her quest for the universal title and her life project, which is focused on improving the health of Puerto Rican society.

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Michelle, who was born in Bayamón, attended an English immersion school from first to eighth grade. There, she honed her language skills and made her first few friends. But it was in that same place, after being a victim of bullying for several years, that she discovered the extent of her suffering.

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The taunts and attacks were directed at her skin color, her mother’s nationality (from the Dominican Republic), her height, and her weight. All of these events were affecting and undermining her self-esteem to the point where she felt ashamed of herself and her roots.

Michelle Marie Colón Ramírez
Image Credit: Michelle Marie Colón Ramírez instagram

Michelle Marie Colón was transformed with the help of her parents, friends, and new classmates. It was there that she set her true goal of becoming Puerto Rico’s representative to the rest of the world. She attended modeling workshops, took care of her eating habits, began to exercise, became involved in community service, and gradually regained the security that had been taken away from her.

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Michelle Marie Colón was crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021 as a representative of the town of Loza on September 30th, with that strength, beauty, and intelligence.

That life experience is exactly what the current queen believes will be her greatest asset when she travels to Israel on November 28 to compete in the international competition. Despite only a little more than a month of preparation, the beauty is confident that she is ready to bring Puerto Rico its sixth Miss Universe crown.

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