“In memory of”: Mia Khalifa Facebook message informing her fans of her death

Fans of Mia Khalifa were on high alert on Saturday after her Facebook profile mysteriously changed to a tribute page. Rumours quickly spread that the former adult star had died. “In memory of Mia Khalifa,” read the message on the social network’s wall, where she has 4.2 million followers.

Mia Khalifa Facebook
"In memory of": Mia Khalifa Facebook message informing her fans of her death 1

“In loving memory of Mia Khalifa.” “We hope that the people who love her find comfort in visiting her profile to remember and celebrate her life,” she wrote in the former adult video actress’s account after her profile photo was removed.

Similarly, all of the former adult star’s posts were removed and replaced with a section where her family and friends could leave a message to remember and honour her. So far, it has not been reported whether or not her account was hacked.

On the other hand, on the Instagram account of the model who is now a sports presenter, the most recent post is from January 18 and features several photos taken in front of a mirror, one of which is with his current partner, Jhay Cortez, a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer whose relationship they confirmed in November 2021.

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Her stories, on the other hand, show that she was active on January 29, as she posted a video of herself grooming her hair in front of the mirror and later shared another photo of herself as well as several of her pets.

Her followers’ concern was quickly felt on Twitter, where they pleaded for an official source to clarify the situation. “Does anyone know or can confirm Mia Khalifa’s death?” asked one Twitter user.

Someone else answered the question in the same way. “Yes, my friend. “Her Facebook looks like this, and her Instagram account is already closed,” she said, accompanying the text with an image of the wall that read “In memory of…” “.. The truth is that her profile on the platform where photos and videos are shared is not only active but has recently been active.

Another person responded to that message, denying that the celebrity’s account, which has 26.8 million followers, had been closed. “She’s still active on Instagram,” said the user.

This is not the first time that rumours of Khalifa’s death have surfaced. According to The Sun, she posted a message on Twitter in 2020 that said, “Shocking…. Mia Khalifa committed suicide.” She is at peace.”

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