Manu Urcera and Nicole Neumann are madly in love with Spain

The couple is on a romantic vacation in Spain and is documenting their experiences on social media.

With each appearance, they demonstrate how solidified their love is. Nicole Neumann has temporarily put her work obligations aside to embark on a spectacular trip through Europe with Manu Urcera.

Manu Urcera and Nicole Neumann
Manu Urcera and Nicole Neumann are madly in love with Spain 1

The model used her Instagram account to document her walk through Alboraya, Valencia, and her passage through a neighbourhood known as “Little Venice” due to its resemblance to the Italian city.

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“Today we went to see a very nice place called Little Venice,” she explained at the bottom of the article. There are several photos of her that she uploaded that show her looking very lovey-dovey with the TC pilot. In addition, he commented, “I love you Linda,” with a heart emoji.

Nicole can be seen hugging Urcera in the Torres de Serranos in another of the images she posted a few days ago. There, she revealed: “Sunday walks, a little rain, historic buildings, squares, laughter, kisses, and 1 covered to look at both day and night!! (and, finally, someone to photograph us together hehe) “..

Urcera also posted a photo on her profile of the couple looking very happy on the beach. Far from the embarrassment caused by her alleged conversation with another woman, the driver and the man from Rio Negro are in love and enjoying their rest.

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