Mady Gosselin, Jon and Kate’s daughter, says she felt ‘shame’ about her heritage as a child

Mady says she was ‘grossly uncomfortable’ about her heritage as a child, but she is now ‘proud’ to be Korean-American.

Mady Gosselin has reached adulthood, and she has the maturity to prove it! The 20-year-old daughter of ex-couple Jon and Kate Gosselin has spoken out about embracing her Korean heritage as an adult after feeling “shame” about it as a child. Maddy took to Instagram on January 13 to share a throwback photo, revealing how the first time she got an American Girl doll caused her “discomfort” about her own ethnicity.

Mady Gosselin
Mady Gosselin, Jon and Kate's daughter, says she felt 'shame' about her heritage as a child 1

She wrote “today is korean-american day. i’m sharing this photo with you because this was taken on the morning before i got my first american girl doll. she was from the “look-alike” line and i named her jordan. she did not look like me; she had blonde hair and blue eyes, by my choice. at the time, there wasn’t a doll from the line that looked like me, but more importantly, at 5, i chose a doll that reflected the way i thought i was suppose to look instead of the way i do. looking back, this story fills me with a gross sort of discomfort and shame. having grown up 50/50 (white and korean), i was hyper aware of my ethnicity from a young age, but the transition from awareness to shame was a slow progression that i didn’t notice happening until i was much older. so i want to make it known that i’m so proud to celebrate being korean-american today. i’m proud to be a part of a community that has suffered through decades of ridicule and hate in this country (only made worse in the last 2 years) but have persevered through it powerfully and gracefully. i’m also proud that i make a kick ass kimchi !!”

Mady’s comment section was flooded with love and support, with one fan writing, “So glad you’ve learned to embrace it.” It is, indeed, a battle. “I did the same thing growing up,” one person said, and another added, “Love this! My children are 50/50 like you! My eldest is subjected to racism at school. I always tell him, “Be proud of your heritage!”

Fans first became acquainted with Maddy through the TLC shows about her large family, such as Jon & Kate Plus 8 and its spinoff Kate Plus 8. Jon and Kate’s eight children were the focus of the reality shows: Maddy and her twin Cara, as well as the sextuplet siblings Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, who are now 17 years old.

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