Madonna Is All Yes For A tour With Britney Spears

The pop queen Madonna is never away from the news. She knows how to be in news and give her fans an extra bit of spice. The actress and singer was in news for a few days due to her raunchy photoshoot and then after for the conflict with raper 50 Cent.

Madonna Is All Yes For A tour With Britney Spears 1

This time Madonna is in news for her comments on Britney Spears and her association.

During a recent Instagram Live Q&A session with her fans, Madonna teased the idea of a tour with Britney Spears. When asked if she plans to go on tour in the future, the queen of pop replied, ‘Hell yeah, got to.’ ‘Stadium, please.’ Madonna then invited Britney Spears to join her, saying, ‘Me and Britney, what about that?’

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Madonna Is All Yes For A tour With Britney Spears 2

The ‘Vogue’ singer said she wasn’t sure if Spears would be interested in a tour together, but it’d be ‘really cool.’ Madonna even suggested that she and Spears reenact their infamous kiss from the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

Spears was legally released from conservatorship in November 2021, giving her more control over her personal life and business ventures.

At the 2003 ceremony, Britney Spears, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera performed two Madge hits, “Like a Virgin” and “Hollywood.” With Britney and Christina dressed as brides and Madonna in a black catsuit, she became the “groom” on a dramatic, wedding-themed stage set-up. But it wasn’t the high production value that drew international attention. Rather, it was Madonna and Britney’s steamy on-stage kiss, which was followed by Christina and the “Material Girl” kiss.

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