Lyn May ‘snuck’ onto the stage of Gloria Trevi’s concert and stole the show

Lyn May is one of the Mexican show’s stars who has generated the most buzz in recent months, from her rumored pregnancy to her upcoming wedding with Markos D1.

The actress has also been involved in contentious episodes, such as her visit to Carmen Salinas in the hospital following a lawsuit, but now she has caused a stir on social media by sneaking into a Gloria Trevi concert. The strange occurrence occurred during a musical performance given by Gloria Trevi over the weekend at the Composers Expo in Los Angeles, California.

The concert was proceeding normally until the singer, who was accused of tax evasion in September, was given a huge surprise when Lyn May took the stage.

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The 68 years actress Lyn May went to the Gloria Trevi concert with a group of friends. When the singer began to interpret “Doctor Psychiatrist,” the star unexpectedly took the stage, surprising the entire audience, particularly the artist from Monterrey.

This was Gloria Trevi’s reaction to Lyn May’s surprise. When the interpreter of “Dressed in Sugar” noticed Lyn May, a ficheras and cabaret cinema icon of the 1970s, she began to dance by her side and continued singing his memorable musical success.

Despite the fact that Gloria Trevi did not expect the star to appear on her stage, she handled it gracefully and even gave her a bouquet of roses that her fans had given her minutes before.

True to her eccentric style, Lyn May danced moving her hips, and surprised everyone when she revealed her shapely legs in a split second, eliciting compliments from Gloria Trevi herself, who kissed one of the star’s hands in gratitude for joining her Show. The video of Lyn May sneaking into the La Trevi concert went viral on social media, with fans applauding the interpreter’s reaction to “She didn’t want to hurt me.”

Here is the full video

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