Kim Sharma Celebrates her Birthday in Style

Kim Sharma, the Bollywood actress, has turned 42. Kim Sharma celebrated her 21st birthday with her boyfriend, Leander Paes, on January 21. Both had travelled to the Bahamas for the occasion. Kim and Leander spent time at the Bahamas’ beautiful beaches.

Kim Sharma has shared some photos from her birthday party. Kim Sharma can be seen wearing a bikini in these photos. Kim Sharma is sitting on the beach in front of the sea, soaking up the rays.

Kim Sharma
Kim Sharma Celebrates her Birthday in Style 1

Kim Sharma’s joy deserves to be captured in another photograph. Kim Sharma looks great sitting on the sand in a white tropical bikini and a fedora hat. He posted a photo of his back. By raising her hand, Kim Sharma is making the Victory Sign.

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Kim Sharma is one of those Bollywood heroines who began her career as a clean-cut actress but later joined the ranks of bindaas and item girls. Kim Sharma was born in Ahmednagar on January 21, 1980.

Kim Sharma
Kim Sharma Celebrates her Birthday in Style 2

Kim Sharma had been involved in the modelling industry since her college days. Kim Sharma, who first appeared in a close-up advertisement, went on to advertise for a variety of brands including Sunsilk, Pepsi, Tata Safari, and others. During this time, Kim was spotted by producer Aditya Chopra. In addition, he has cast Kim Sharma in his upcoming film “Mohabbatein.” Mohabbatein proved to be a box office success, and Kim’s career skyrocketed. But acting isn’t just about having a sexy style and being bold. Kim experienced the same thing. Kim, who began her career with a grand film like Mohabbatein, was never able to steer her film career in the right direction.

Kim Sharma
Kim Sharma Celebrates her Birthday in Style 3

Kim went on to star in a slew of flop films following Mohabbatein. Sometimes she played a supporting role in a big-budget film, and other times she played an actress in a low-budget film. But success was eluding him. And now, despite Kim Sharma’s attractive personality, the producer-director is unwilling to take the risk of making films with her in the lead role.

Even after the number of films has decreased, Kim continues to make headlines. Newspapers made headlines first for her romance with cricketer Yuvraj Singh, and then for her affairs with Carlos Marin. Kim surprised everyone when she married her friend Ali Punjani in 2010. Now that Kim, who is 30 years old, has been barred from entering Bollywood, this marriage is the best option.

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