Kim Kardashian passes the US Bar Association examination

Kim Kardashian, a socialite, was approved in the first round of the United States Bar Association’s leaders. She shared the news with her followers on Instagram on Monday.

“When I look in the mirror, I’m very proud of the woman I see.” Those who don’t know about my legal journey should know that it hasn’t been easy or that no one has given me a kiss. In the last two years, I have failed this exam three times. “However, I got up every time and studied even harder until I passed,” she explained.

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“On the third try, I had Covid-19 with fevers of 40 degrees, but I’m not making excuses.” In California, the way I’m studying [at home] requires two tests. This was only the first, but it was the most difficult to get through. Top lawyers told me that passing this way was nearly impossible and more difficult than going to university, but it was my only option, and it’s great to be here accomplishing my goals,” she continued.

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She used the occasion to thank her teachers, saying, “Thank you for teaching me everything I need to know.” 10 hours a day, 4 hour Zoom meetings, and weekly quizzes. We succeeded! I’m sure my father would be proud, if not shocked, that this is my path, but he would have made an excellent study partner. I was told he was known for making fun of people who didn’t pass the first time, like him, but he would have been my biggest fan.”

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