Ex-BBB Ivy Moraes rings in the New Year with a golden look: “Happy 2022, loves!”

Ivy Moraes, the ex-BBB, sparked outrage on social media this Friday (31) by posting a photo of herself dressed to the nines to celebrate the arrival of the new year.

Exuding all her good looks, the brunette bet on gold for New Year’s Eve while posing for a photo of her healed body while on vacation in Bahia. “Happy 2022, my loves,” the muse wrote in the photo’s caption.

Ivy Moraes
Ex-BBB Ivy Moraes rings in the New Year with a golden look: "Happy 2022, loves!" 1

Ivy Moraes, a former BBB contestant, recently released a video on Wednesday morning (22) showing her in great shape. The celebrity was even likened to Paolla Oliveira in her classic Globo scene. “A view is a view, right my loves?” she wrote in the publication’s caption.

Ivy Moraes, or simply Ivy, is a contestant on Big Brother Brasil’s twentieth season, having entered the competition a little later, via the glasshouse. After competing against two other contestants, she joined Daniel.

Ivy Moraes
Ex-BBB Ivy Moraes rings in the New Year with a golden look: "Happy 2022, loves!" 2

As a result, she acted neutrally for the majority of the editing. To commemorate the exhibition’s twentieth anniversary, the participants were divided into two groups: anonymous and famous. Ivy, on the other hand, entered the glasshouse later and did not take part in the initial split.

Who exactly is Ivy Moraes?

She was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, and is now a professional model at the age of 27. She claims to be a bagaceira, enjoys parties, and befriends everyone. She claims that people judge her based on her appearance, but that this changes when they meet her.

She enjoys life but has slowed down in the last three years since having a baby. Luiz Miguel, who shared a seven-year marriage with her husband. She discovered that she needed to reconsider several attitudes after the birth of her child.

She hasn’t been to the single glasshouse since she started dating a few months ago, but that won’t stop her from being reserved during her stay. She claims that’s not her intention, as she came in to play and win, not to fall in love with anyone.


Ivy Moraes began working as a photographic model three years ago, and she has already piqued the interest of many clothing stores. She soon closed the aesthetics faculty, which she had previously attended. She claims to have felt trapped, emphasizing that college isn’t her strong suit.

She has always been close to her family, but she did not tell her father about her selection for the glasshouse. Her mother, on the other hand, was overjoyed but a little scared.

Despite her modelling experience, she claims she has never been a gym-goer, revealing herself to be anything but fit. She has also had breast implants in the past.

Ivy Moraes
Ex-BBB Ivy Moraes rings in the New Year with a golden look: "Happy 2022, loves!" 3

The BBB’s trajectory

Ivy did not make it into the early stages of editing, so she did not take part in the early days of the reality show. She joined three other candidates in the glasshouse: Renata, Caon, and Daniel. After spending a few days in the house, only she and Daniel made it through the stage.

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Ivy didn’t take part in any major events once she got inside the house, from arguments to shacks. She approached Marcela as soon as she felt a connection with her and remained friends with her. However, she became friends with the other participants while maintaining a neutral stance.

Despite never having any standouts, she kept herself in the game by moving up and down the leaderboards and watching her fellow cast members get knocked out one by one. It is currently ranked in the top ten among participants and is gaining traction as the program nears its conclusion.

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