Harekala Hajabba: The idea sparked by shame… Padma Shri was awarded today.

Harekala Hajabba: For those who are in jeopardy, We don’t have to be extremely wealthy to help those in need. It breaks my heart to see their anguish. If simply offering a helping hand suffices. This category includes Karnataka’s Harekala Hajabba. Hajabba, who makes a living by selling teeth, became the village children’s milk deity.

Hajabba, who was in poor financial condition built a school. You can study here for free from 1st to 10th grade. Hajabba was awarded the Padma Shri by the Central Government in recognition of his outstanding service. Many people are inspired by his level of service. Those particulars.

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Harekala Hajabba was a life-changing experience.

Harekala Hajabba of Mangalore used to make a living selling orange at the Central Market. A foreign couple came to Hajabba one day in this order and asked him in English how many kilos of oranges he had. Hajabba speaks only Kannada, and his mother tongue is Arabic. That is why he was unable to respond to the foreign couple’s question. The couple laughed mockingly as they walked away from Hajabba.

Nobody else should be affected by his condition.

The humiliation caused the hijab to shrink significantly. He felt he had to be insulted for not showing up to English class. If the children in his village are not to be put in such a situation, he believes that English must come to them. However, the lack of a good school in his village, as well as the madrassa’s refusal to teach any language other than Arabic, bothered Hajabba.

Make a deposit of Rs.5000.

During this time, Hazab decided to open his own school. However, it did not go as smoothly as expected. Many insults… encountered roadblocks. Aside from that… In June 1999, he realized his dream. With the five thousand rupees he had saved up to that point, he purchased some land of his own and began construction on a school.

The school was finished in June 2001 with the help of the government and donors, and it had eight classrooms and two toilets. However, his dream of constructing a school was realized. Following that, Hajabba decided to open a high school. He had worked hard for ten years and had realized it as well. By 2012, he had constructed a high school building adjacent to the primary school. In the near future, he hopes to establish a pre-university college in his village. He wants the government to assist him.

Harekala Hajabba’s entire prize money will be used to further the development of the school.

In recognition of his service, Hazabba has already received numerous awards from various organizations and the state government. He used the proceeds to help build the school. In this order, he set aside Rs 5 lakh for the school, in addition to the one-time award. Hajab does not own a home because he intends to use the proceeds for future school development. But don’t even think about him. Netizens are praising Hajab for being concerned about the children’s future.

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