Fardeen Khan Birthday: Know What The Actor Is Up to Now

Fardeen Khan, a Bollywood actor, is 48 today. Fardeen was born on March 8th, 1974.

Fardeen is the son of late actor Firoz Khan, which is significant. Fardeen, although having been a fan of the acting business since he was a child, was unable to spread his enchantment in Bollywood.

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Fardeen Khan Birthday: Know What The Actor Is Up to Now 1

Fardeen made his Bollywood debut in the 1998 film ‘Prem Aggan’ alongside Meghna Kothari and was written, directed and produced by his father Feroz Khan.

Fardeen’s fortunes improved after he won the Filmfare Best Debut Award for this film. He was offered several films in a row. However, the majority of the films were box office duds. Fardeen dropped out of the film industry after 2010 because of his declining graph.

What has happened to Fardeen Khan?

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Fardeen Khan Birthday: Know What The Actor Is Up to Now 2

According to media accounts, Fardeen has spent the last few years in London. A photo of Fardeen Khan went viral on social media before she left for London. In which his weight was observed to be growing. People began teasing him on social media after this photo leaked. Fardeen Khan has been spotted in Mumbai years later. The photographs of his metamorphosis are going popular on social media. Fardeen Khan is said to have shed 18 kilogrammes in six months.

Is Fardeen Khan rich?

Even though Firoz Khan’s son’s name is on the list of failed actors. Fardeen, on the other hand, continues to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. According to sources, Fardeen began his firm after failing in the film industry.

Fardeen is alleged to have negotiated a Rs 100 crore contract with Godrej Properties in 2012. When it comes to actor and businessman Fardeen Khan’s net worth, he now owns a $ 40 million (Rs 292 crore) property. Apart from Mumbai, he also has homes in Bangalore worth crores.

Is Fardeen Khan coming back to movies?

Fardeen Khan is finally set to return to the big screen after a long absence. Fardeen will return to the acting industry in 2022 with the film Vishphot,’ following his 2010 debut. The next film ‘Vishphot,’ according to sources, is a Hindi adaptation of the Venezuelan classic Rock, Paper, Caesars. It will be produced by Sanjay Gupta and will star Riteish Deshmukh and Fardeen in the key roles.

Is Fardeen Khan married?

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Fardeen Khan Birthday: Know What The Actor Is Up to Now 3

Fardeen Khan is married to yesterday’s actress Mumtaaz’s daughter Natasha Madhwani. It is rumoured that Feroz khan used to like Mumtaaz but they could not get married. But Feroz wanted their friendship to be converted into a relationship.


Fardeen has also had a long history of conflicts. Fardeen was arrested by authorities in 2001 in connection with a drug investigation. The actor is claimed to have been apprehended by cops while attempting to purchase cocaine. Following that, the actor was admitted to a recovery facility by the police. The court conditionally acquitted Fardeen after 11 years, in 2012.

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